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I have holes on my dress

I have holes on my dress

Due to my newest addiction to knitting and crocheting and the dropping temperature in the sewing room, I’d been taking a break from the sewing machine for quite some time. But yesterday, I suddenly got the urge to sew again, so I made this quick project. The fabris is the same type as my husband’s and Sidra’s long-sleeved shirts, only that mine is grey.

This is sort of my experiment in making a clothing that can be worn in more than one way. It started as a long dress with empire line. I traced a long-sleeves shirt of mine to make the pattern of the top part. The lower part is just a wide rectangle sewed on the sides. Then I cut two big holes near the bottom of the dress, using a plastic container as a guide. There you go!

Now I can wear it as a long dress with mysterious holes on the side, and when I don’t want to trip over, I just fold the lower part and slip those holes on my shoulders. As the fabric doesn’t fray a bit, I left the necklines and hem just the way they are.

Not really a winter outfit, I suppose. But I really like it!

12 Responses to I have holes on my dress

  1. Jackie says:

    Love love the necklace and the dress. did you make the necklace too?

  2. Poppy and Mei says:

    Ok. Now I'm in love with you…XXxx

  3. H says:

    awsome creation!

  4. Tamara says:

    Wow! you’re so creative. Love your blog!

  5. Liven says:

    I simply adore your blog!

  6. loopylulu says:

    This is so awesome. It reminds me of one of the contestants on Australia’s Project Runway (I forgot what the official name is called). She used to make clothes that were multi-wearable also.

  7. verypurpleperson says:

    Thank you, Berry!

    Hi Allison, actually I made the dress myself :)

    Xiao Xian, I have to admit that I don’t really know. It just popped into my mind. Maybe I’ve seen a lot of versatile clothing recently :)

    Thank you, Karen! Glad that you like it!

  8. Karencilla says:

    wow like always novita, you are thinking out of the box, it’s really creative and it looks awesome.

  9. Xiao Xian says:

    Very impressive! Where did you get the idea?

  10. allisonwondrland says:

    Wow! Where did you get the dress in the first place! I like it, too…

  11. Berry says:

    I really like it too ! Wow, what a style !

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