I have holes on my dress

I have holes on my dress

Due to my newest addiction to knitting and crocheting and the dropping temperature in the sewing room, I’d been taking a break from the sewing machine for quite some time. But yesterday, I suddenly got the urge to sew again, so I made this quick project. The fabris is the same type as my husband’s and Sidra’s long-sleeved shirts, only that mine is grey.

This is sort of my experiment in making a clothing that can be worn in more than one way. It started as a long dress with empire line. I traced a long-sleeves shirt of mine to make the pattern of the top part. The lower part is just a wide rectangle sewed on the sides. Then I cut two big holes near the bottom of the dress, using a plastic container as a guide. There you go!

Now I can wear it as a long dress with mysterious holes on the side, and when I don’t want to trip over, I just fold the lower part and slip those holes on my shoulders. As the fabric doesn’t fray a bit, I left the necklines and hem just the way they are.

Not really a winter outfit, I suppose. But I really like it!

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