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Three dresses

These are the three dresses that I’ve finished almost a month ago (gasp!) . I’ve been very lazy after the vacation and keep postponing to take some pictures.

They are actually in the same pattern as this madras dress that I’ve made a couple of months ago. Two of them are made of Sevenberry cotton in ochre bird print and turquoise elephant print, and one is made of another madras fabric.

The summer vacation is over and Sidra has started going to school again. Now I had the chance to take some pictures and uploaded them here and to my shop. Finally! ^.^
Three dresses
Three dresses
Three dresses
Three dresses

7 Responses to Three dresses

  1. Jessie Fincham says:

    these are amazing! i'm so jealous of how talented you are with your sewing.. love the blog too, just discovered it :)

  2. Nancey Johnson says:

    Very pretty dresses! Like how you did identical photos!

  3. Katie says:

    The dresses are great! Love the photos and the fabric!

  4. modaspia says:

    gorgeous ! i love the elephant print..

  5. Anonymous says:

    LOve these dresses. They are beautiful!!

  6. EmilyKate says:

    Oh, they are all so beautiful! The fabric is so crisp and lovely, you look great in all of them. I can't wear babydoll dresses. I am not as slim as you and if I wear them, I look like an ACTUAL baby, all chubby limbs :o)

  7. Curry says:

    These are so summery! Love the fabrics.

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