Girl Boxers

Girl boxers
Sorry for putting my underwear on display here, but I’m kinda proud of them. I believe this type of underwear is called girl boxer, and I find them very comfortable to wear. But I rarely find one that fit, and two of my girl boxers were stolen when they were hung to dry. Perverts. So I think I’d make them myself.

I traced the pattern from a Uniqlo girl boxer that I have, and the fabrics are jersey scraps from another project. Instead of elastic, the waistband are made from long strips of the same fabrics. It can’t be seen from the picture, but they fit perfectly, especially the striped one. The red one is a bit stretchier, but still fits me well. Yay! Now I can make my own underwear!

Well, I hope my husband wouldn’t mind that now I have an underwear that matches his shirt. And when I wash these boxers, I’ll hang them inside.

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