My first Style Arc pattern: Lola pants!

Lola woven pants Lola woven pants

Scheduling the daily walk with the dogs became a bit complicated since Shiitake came along. He is young and bigger than Fuwawa, so he is not satisfied with the time Fuwawa needs for a walk. On the other hand, Fuwawa gets too tired if she has to follow Shiitake. I have thought about taking them separately but it would take too much time. Anyway that is why I haven’t posted anything sewing-related. I’ve finished a couple of things but never had time to take proper pictures of them. I usually take pictures in the morning while the sun is at its best, but my morning has been spent for the walk.

For the last few days I’ve been taking the dogs to a quiet park where I can put Fuwawa off-leash safely while Shiitake and I ran around. I suppose I can bring my camera and tripod there, but it is not easy while handling two dogs. These are not two happy go-lucky dogs as well, Fuwawa gets startled easily while Shiitake is scared of strangers.

Since today is weekend, my husband can help with the dogs while I took pictures. I rarely take pictures outdoor because I’m embarrassed if people see me. But this park is very quiet, I think I should take more outdoor pictures here!

Lola woven pants Lola woven pants

I’ve been hearing about the goodness of sewing patterns by Style Arc all over the sewing blogs so I finally got my first one. Style Arc is based in Australia but they ship internationally. The patterns are not multi-sizes, so it means that you have to choose a size closest to your body measurement.

Lola woven pants / picture from Style Arc website
Lola woven pants / picture from Style Arc website

My first pick was actually Kate dress, a wrap dress pattern for knit fabric. The Lola pants was a freebie for each pattern purchase in November. From the description on the website: “Lola woven pant: The new pull-on pant pattern of the season featuring a soft drape through to a narrow leg opening. Optional angled zip pockets and elastic back hem detail. The centre front waistband panel eliminates the bulk of a regular elastic waist pull on pant therefore is very flattering, fashionable and comfortable.”

I made the pants in size 6, the only alteration was shortening the legs about 6 cm. I didn’t put zipper on the pockets and also omitted the back hem elastic.

The instructions are quite brief with not too many diagrams, but they get the job done well enough. I love that the pattern is printed in 49 gsm weight paper, which is much more strong and durable than the usual tissue paper. It means that I don’t have to worry when folding the pattern and store them.

Lola woven pants Lola woven pants

The pants are quite comfortable as it has elasticized waist. The flat center panel reduced the bulk usually caused by these kind of pants. It is a nice addition in my wardrobe as I don’t have too many separates at the moment. Making more tops and bottoms is part of my unofficial sewing resolutions this year. The other resolution is to use up my stash of fabric and if I really have to buy more fabric, I can only buy solid neutral color. It is unofficial though….

Pattern is Lola pants by  Style Arc, size 6.

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