Mesh nylon tote bag

Mesh nylon toteThis mesh nylon tote bag is very simple project that has quickly became a favourite of mine. I wasn’t planning to make a bag when I found this mesh nylon in the fabric store. This fabric is quite stiff with large diamond-shaped mesh. I thought it would make an interesting bag.

The fabric is very easy to sew with thicker thread and longer stitches. I bind the raw edges inside with neon-coloured binding for added details. This binding is also necessary because the stiff raw edges are a bit rough and the cut mesh could easily catch into things in the bag.

Sometimes it is nice to have a simple project that gives some instant gratification like this. I only need little fabric for the tote bag and still had enough leftover to make a zippered pouch for my makeup.

I’ve been using this bag for a few days now and very happy with it!





Mesh nylon tote Mesh nylon tote

Mesh nylon tote Mesh nylon tote

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