Red romper

I was planning to continue working on my bombshell dress when I got distracted by this newly released pattern from Tamanegi Kobo. It’s a jumpsuit pattern called Heliodor and Tamanegi Kobo is having 20% off sale for all patterns until the end of this month. I also happened to have the perfect fabric for this romper, very soft cotton voile from Fashionable Fabrics, which is another prize from my Spring Top. You see that I had no choice other than making this cute thing!
Red romper Red romper

The jumpsuit has sailor collar, elasticated waist with ties, side seam pockets and patch back pockets. As my fabric was only 2 m, I shortened the legs drastically. The back pockets are omitted and I used elastic shirrings instead of ties and elastic. The shorts part are lined and the legs are hemmed using blind hem stitch on my sewing machine.
Red romper Red romper

Red romper Red romper
My husband seemed very intrigued with this romper. He asked me questions like, ‘How do you get in? How do you get out?’ When I said that I would have to take the whole thing off in order to go to the toilet, he looked astounded. ‘Can’t you make it easier? How about a zipper down there?’ One would expect that a man his age should know better about the anatomy of women’s body (-_-;)

Although this romper seems to be such a complicated idea to him, he admits that it looks pretty cute nonetheless. And I should say that it is also very comfortable! It will be perfect to wear in our summer vacation in Indonesia. It has been two years since the last time we went. We’ll be leaving at the end of this week!

PDF pattern is Heliodor size 36 (JPN7) from Tamanegi Kobo, shortened.
Fabric is Little Folks Voile Diamond Mine by Anna Maria Horner from Fashionable Fabrics.

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  • Oh my goodness! This is adorable!!! What a cute pattern. My husband would ask and suggest the very same things. Gotta love men. <3

  • Love the romper, especially your choice of fabric. It is so pretty on you!

  • Cute romper, I was JUST considering making one for myself, so this post is very timely! Have fun on your trip, and keep inspiring me to sew more with your blog. 🙂

  • I’m not surprised at the questions your husband had. To most men, the world of women’s clothing is baffling 🙂

    The romper looks really cute on you and so does the new haircut.

  • hi novita, i checked the site and ordered two patterns for myself, thanks for the link, it’s something i’ve been looking for. hope i can figure out the pattern.
    the zipper thing is funny, but how about a flap with buttons??:)
    have a nice trip. your blog is very inspiring.

  • ‘Can’t you make it easier? How about a zipper down there?’

    LOL! xD

    I agree with his point though… jumpsuits do make toilet business a bit complicated. ^^

    Enjoy your Indonesia trip! I just came back to Malaysia after 2 years in the UK, and it will take me a while to get used to this climate again… -___-

  • This is really great looking! And I love, love, LOVE your shoes.

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! They are from Goldenponies 🙂

  • So funny! Definitely made me laugh out loud there… and the romper is fab! Cute and chic!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi, Love it. Very cute. The story and the outfit!
    I came across your blog while googling different sewing techniques as I am (joyfully) learning to sew. Your blog is uplifting and a great example to others on how to enjoy family, learn talents and be grateful for life. Thank you for sharing that with us all. Lizzie.

  • I love that suit, especially the collar. Wishing you a happy holiday!

  • Oh, I love that voile. That’s the perfect use for that fabric. Very cute!

  • Mae Wilson

    Your romper is super cute! Have fun in Indonesia, and please put some news of your trip on your blog.

  • Bri

    This romper is adorable, and the guy comments never get old, my man is the same!!!!

    • verypurpleperson

      They just don’t understand, do they? 😛

  • It is very cute – love the collar! I’m making a longer winter version at the moment, but noticed while trying on my toile it looks super-cute short too – I’m going to have to make a short version like yours come summer!

  • Wendy

    Very cute…and have a nice trip.