Drape Drape dress no. 3

Drape Drape dress no.3 Drape Drape dress no.3

IMG_9377 IMG_9383 IMG_9384
IMG_9381When in Indonesia last month, I met up with a couple of my good friends. They are both fashion designers, so of course one of our destinaton was the fabric store! I had often visited fabric stores with them about 20 years ago when the three of us were in fashion school, so it was quite a nostalgic journey.

The store is called Pronto Moda in Mayestik area, Jakarta, quite a big store with four floors and a considerable choice of fabrics. It was not crowded at all, so the shopping experience was really comfortable.

My friend told me that the fabrics in the store are quite cheap and he was right! I bought several fabrics there and one of them is this striped terrycloth jersey at about USD3/metre. I’m very happy with my purchases here.

Drape drape dress no.3
Drape drape dress no.3

The fabric is quite perfect for summer dress. As I was looking for the right pattern, I stumbled across several dresses by sewing bloggers made from the Drape Drape pattern book by Hisako Sato.

Actually I have had this book (in Japanese) since 2009 but somehow never made anything from it. This book is now available in English as well.

Drape Drape dress no.3

Dress no.3 is a very interesting pattern with only one piece of pattern. The dress is closed with an invisble zipper at the seam across the back. Since many sewing bloggers commented that the dress is rather short, I added 10 cm in length. But at the end, I decided to cut it back to its original length. I guess Japanese patterns are a good fit for petite body types.

I cut size M with no fitting alterations. Since my fabric is quite stretchy, I omitted the back zipper. The dress might look rather complicated, but sewing it is quite easy! The instruction has sewing order so you will know which one goes first. The neckline and sleeves hem are simply turned in and topstitched, I used zigzag stitches to keep the stretchiness.


Drape Drape dress no.3 Drape Drape dress no.3
Drape Drape dress no.3 Drape Drape dress no.3

At first I thought the dress looked rather shapeless, but I love it immediately after putting it on. It is very comfortable, like wearing a long T-shirt. I love how the stripes of my fabric are meeting in an upward shape at the back. This is now my new favourite dress!

Pattern is dress no.3 from Drape Drape book by Hisako Sato (Japanese pattern), size M.

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  • Hebo

    I love this (especially the stripes) so much that I got the book and cut the fabric for my own dress last night. Inspiring! I am not the body that this is designed for, so I’m worried about fit, and dubious about potential modifications, but excited to try it. I’m testing it with a cheap solid knit before diving into my own striped fabric. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  • Jason L.

    I really like the dress. Only thing I would suggest if you make another with this pattern and a fabric with similar stretch, would be to remove some of the waist width at center front. I think that would improve the initial “shapelessness”

  • Lynsey

    This dress is awesome, I wouldn’t of believed you could make a great dress from one pattern piece if I hadn’t seen this, the stripes are perfect and I think it’s looks great on

  • This is a great dress! I love how it works in the stripes – it is so cute!

  • Oooh, I love this! You picked the perfect fabric too. I’ve been a bit nervous of the Drape Drape books, but this looks like a good step in. Is it from the first book?

    • Yes this one is the first book. Drape Drape patterns might look complicated but sewing process is quite straightforward. Fitting alterations might be a bit difficult though.

  • This is really lovely. It’s perfect in the stripes.

  • Sax Silverain

    even before seeing your text, i already recognized the Pronto Moda store from your pics!! oooh, how nostalgic! i also used to shop there with my 2 partners from AmeNoMachi. 🙂 i miss that store so much.

    i’ve used that pattern too, twice, and found that it works a lot better with jersey (without zipper) than non-stretch material (i used viscose for the other one). yours look awesome!

    • Oh such a long time ago! I remember seeing AmeNoMachi name when I used to work in magazine 🙂

      I saw your versions as well when browsing about this pattern. Thank you for posting about them, they helped me decide that it is what I wanted to make!

  • This is so cute! I love how it’s not a boring dress at all – the pattern shapes give it some really interesting details and paired with the stripes, it’s really interesting to the eye.

  • rarice

    Looks lovely, especially in that fabric showing off the interesting pattern.

  • That looks great! It’s good to see some Drape Drapes out there, I see so few of them being made online!

  • Jennifer R

    Lovely dress. I’ve always wanted to make this one and wondered how it would work with a pattern. Wonderful on you.

  • Looks fantastic on you!

  • Jen l

    Really cute dress and it looks lovely on you! Interesting to see what the piece looks like – thanks for sharing!

  • oona

    love it! stripes look darn good

  • lisa g

    Such a cool dress! It’s fun to see the unusual shape of the single pattern piece.