I have had this book, ‘The Art of Manipulating Fabric’ by Colette Wolff for some time, it is sort of wonderful textbook of any kind of fabric manipulation. Ruffles, gatherings, shirrings, pleats, darts, anything.

The Art of Manipulating Fabric blue Blue

I really like the book and read it several times already. But as much as I enjoyed reading it, I felt a little bit guilty for not using it for a real project. I finally used one of the technique, called single-shell ruffle for this blue dress. The blue fabric is double-gauze cotton by Nani IRO. I just love all fabrics from this Nani IRO collection, the colour are like watercolour painting and they’re also comfortable to wear.

The front of the dress has a single pleat where I sewed a pair of single-shell ruffles. The shape of the dress is kinda loose, I want to be able to layer it with long-sleeves T-shirt and thick leggings for this cold season. The hem on the sleeves are wide so I can turn the sleeves up. Then I put a pair of plastic orange buttons on the front of the dress.

Well, the result looks a bit like little girl’s dress, but then all my dresses look like little girl’s dresses, so that’s okay ^.^

Blue Blue

Blue Blue

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