Neon skirt

Neon skirt Neon skirt

Since Sidra entered junior high school, he became very busy with all the school activities. Even on weekends, he often has to go to school for sports practice. I suddenly found myself with lots of free time, so I started taking a couple of jobs recently.

One thing that I do is working with a designer in developing a product. The company makes bags for outdoor use like backpacks, photography bags, and such. I’m very excited with this job because I get to work with materials that I’ve never used before (do you know what a gatekeeper is? I didn’t know either!), and make something that I will probably never use. It’s like taking a peek into a completely different world.

Last week I just wrapped up a development stage and sent the bag to the designer. I had been working with the bag for a couple of weeks and needed some refreshing time, so I made a skirt for myself. You might think that it is somewhat strange that my idea of refreshing myself after a couple of days sewing a bag is to sew another thing. But these are completely different things to sew!

Neon skirt Neon skirt
The fabric is polyster knit in medium weight that I found in Okadaya, Shinjuku. You wouldn’t miss the rolls of fabric when you saw it on the shelves. I was considering between yellow lime, shocking pink, or neon orange before deciding on this one.

The pattern is Hollyburn skirt by Sewaholic. I tested the pattern before and made myself  a short skirt. This time I made view B which sits below knee. I made it in size 4 with no alterations, a size bigger than what I usually wear. I find that I’m not really comfortable with skirt that sits exactly on my waist because my body has an asymmetry.

Dresses are fine because they hang on the shoulders, so are pants because they follow the shape of the legs. But skirts that hang on my asymmetrical waist will cause asymmetrical hem, so I prefer a high-waisted or low-waisted skirt. Of course, I might exaggerate a bit in my mind. The asymmetry looks so obvious for me, while people often don’t notice. It’s funny how we see our own body.

Neon skirt Neon skirt

As usual with Sewaholic patterns, everything goes smoothly. Tasia from Sewaholic always makes well-drafted patterns with good instructions. That is why I chose this pattern for my refreshment project. I didn’t want to think about taping PDF patterns and decode some unclear instructions.

When I said neon orange, it is really neon! The skirt reflects every bit of light that falls upon it, so it looks like it is shining. My husband was a bit hesitant to see such a bright color. Everyone made a double-take when they saw me walking down the street in this skirt. Actually it is not a color that I usually wear, but why not? Life is too short to never wear neon colors!

Pattern is Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt view B, size 4.

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  • I love it! The color is so fun! And you are totally right in thinking that no one else would notice the things you’re sensitive about… we’re all so particular about our perceived shortcomings!


    Cute skirt and that colour is deffenetely noticable but who said
    that’s a bad thing? I do like loud colours and am actually thinking to
    make a yellow coat for the coming winter. I understand what you mean
    about how we see ourself, although I’ve come to the conclusion that
    other people don’t notice even half of what we do, it is very difficult
    to stop being so judgemental with myself.

  • The color is fantastic!

  • What a great skirt! I think the fact that it looks so comfy will make you wear it a lot even if it does POP on the street or everywhere. As usually it looks perfect on you.
    I am wondering if you ever sew things that don’t look good on you!

  • It’s so simple but such a stand out piece. I think those are the best kind

  • Pockets are most important! 🙂

  • What a fun and flattering color on you! And I also have an asymmetrical waist, it’s the most obvious when I wear fit and flare dresses, especially if they have a waistband. But I agree with you that I can see the asymmetry, but I’m not sure anyone else has ever noticed it!

    • Right?! I guess we have to learn to be more compassionate to ourselves 🙂
      Thank you Carrie!

  • wonza, This is so cool and even being a bit loud to what we normally see from you its so much fun and fresh . you should explore neons more often. love it

    • It’s very loud! 😛
      But I agree that it’s so much fun to wear it. Thank you!

  • Terrific colour, a real showstopper. I agree, you need things like this in your wardrobe sometimes. I can’t see asymmetry in your photos, we’ll all catch up with age – thats a certainty!

    • It’s a refreshing color in my wardrobe. Glad that you like the color too 🙂

  • Erika

    It looks gorgueous on you, the color goes well with your skin tone and the black shirt balances it really nicely. But could you please tell me what that gatekeeper is then ;)?

    • Thank you!
      Gatekeeper is a type of hook shaped-clip, made of plastic and/or metal, usually attached to webbing straps. The webbing straps can then be hooked on webbing loop sewn on various point on the bags 😀

  • Such a cool skirt! I like your short version too. Life is definitely too short to not wear neon! Good luck with your jobs 🙂

  • I think that the neon colour is so fantastic!

    • Miss J

      I agree with Bella!
      That neon orange is fabulous and you have a perfect drape in that skirt.

      Presume you left this unlined, what was that polyester like to work with?

      • Thank you! Yes the skirt is unlined. The polyester is knit in medium weight, it is quite soft and very easy to sew. Doesnt breathe too well though, but I suppose it is still okay for a flared skirt 🙂