Simple tops

Simple tops
One of the advantage of having a small body is that I only need small amount of fabric to make clothing. That way I can make use of those impulsive half-yard cut fabric shopping. These tops were whipped very quick today, the pattern is so simple, and only consisted of two pieces.

The batik top is made with leftover fabric from my tie-front dress. It has side slits with the front and back hem in different lengths. The wide stripes one  is made with very comfortable double gauze cotton. The fabric is not enough to make the neck facings, so I stitched a linen tape along the neckline and just let the raw edges shown. I laid the pattern pieces horizontally and use the fabric selvedges for the bottom part, no need to stitch the hem!

Wide stripes top Wide stripes top

Batik top Batik top

Simple tops Side view Linen tape

I usually wear dresses and rarely wear separates like these, so these shorts and skirts were almost never worn. The funny bubble shorts were bought like 6 years ago in a small boutique in Jakarta, the skirt was bought even longer before that in Bali, and both of them still look like new. Now that I’ve got a couple of new tops, I can wear them for summer. I love how comfortable these tops are, will make more of them!

Oh and I also love my new golden oxford shoes, they are from goldenponies at etsy, so pretty and comfortable. I especially love wearing them in shiny day and watch the sunlight reflected around my feet when I walk. It almost look like I would fly in any moment!

sun on  my shoes
sun on my shoes

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  • Kae

    Just wanted to say thanks for responding to my comment!…about the overlock machine. I think I’ll be stalling on purchasing one now that I realize you just zig zag raw edges! That’s what I’ve been doing too. Thanks again! 😉

  • loose fit top, yaaay! i love the stripy one 🙂

  • Liz

    Hi again…I wanted to let you know that I gave you the Gorgeous Blog Award over at Sunny Bug World! Congrats!

    Here’s the link –

  • lia

    mbak…if I wear those shoes, I’d certainly look like a clown 🙂 u made it look so stylish 🙂 loove the stripe top 🙂

    • verypurpleperson

      Hahaha don’t say that! Yes I think the top is pretty simple and versatile, it almost like T-shirt, glad that you like it! 🙂

  • Love the tops! I tried making something similar after seeing a few on crochetie’s site, but mine had to be tweaked. I’m going to try to make some more soon.

  • Kae

    Love them! Love your style 🙂
    Do you own an overlock machine?? I’m assuming you do since you create the majority of your wardrobe?!…I thought I’d ask anyway!…cause I’m contemplating on whether to splurge on one!

    • verypurpleperson

      As a matter of fact, I don’t have an overlock machine. I just use zigzag stitch to finish the raw edges. I thought about buying it sometime ago but not any more now. I kinda like the zigzag stitch edges, it feels more homemade for me 🙂

  • wow, so simple and beautiful. i made my first top last week and i’d like to make more. i like the fact that i could wear the tops everyday, not just for certain occasions. you remind me that clothing doesn’t have to be super-fancy to be elegant!

  • You’re amazing! I have those goldenponies gold shoes too and I just love them to pieces! They are the perfect type of gold.

    • verypurpleperson

      I love your blog! Yes the shoes are perfect and so comfortable. I regret that I only bought one, should’ve bought other colour too.

  • Liz

    This is simply one of the BEST blogs I have come across…your style and ideas offer endless amounts of inspiration to me as a newer sewer. {thank you}

  • Sabrina

    What lovely tops! I would love to make clothes for myself. I’m also very petite (~5’1″ and ~ size 0). Would you happen to have a pattern you can share for this? Btw, I love your style and your blog and found it randomly from another blog (forgot which one). You are one inspirational lady. (Reading from the San Francisco Bay Area). 🙂

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! I made the pattern myself. Well, not really made a pattern, just clumsily drew some shapes.
      I think there’s a similar pattern from Burdastyle website that you can use: I don’t know if it can fit a half yard fabric but the shape is similar, maybe you need to shortened it.
      Oh I just think that maybe you can make a pattern by tracing your own top or T-shirt. You just need a rough shape for the body, the neckline should be wide enough for the head. Hope it helps!

  • Okay, so I know this doesn’t really have so much to do with your tops (they look great on you!), but I just have to say that I’m so jealous and super impressed that you have a blank wall in your home. Our apartment is so crowded with our things! I think about that every time I see the pictures you take in front of your big, beautiful, blank wall. Love that. Have a great day!

    • verypurpleperson

      Well, the wall is not that big, it’s not even beautiful, but it’s definitely blank. But I know what you mean, keeping a wall to stay blank is hard work! That’s why you always see me in that same spot 😛

  • That is very clever! I have a lot of 1/2-yard cuts of fabric, and I never know what to do with them except make tank tops. I will have to borrow/steal your idea!

  • Both of your tops are lovely! I really like the striped top, especially the linen tape around the collar with the unfinished edge. It looks worn in & comfortable.
    & I adore your shoes! <3

  • I love your blog! even if I’ve never sewn clothing. Perhaps it’s time to start sewing something for myself and those tops looks easy to make!
    thank you n_n

  • super cute!!

  • love!

  • SewLindaAnn

    Good Morning from rainy Georgia USA. I love your blog, and am always so inspired by what you write personally and your sewing, it is fantastic. I love these two tops, and I’m betting you just cut them out and dreamed them up.

  • Very cute.

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you Trudy!

  • Ivanchika

    Oh boy, everything is so sweet, tops, short pants and oxfords!
    I have also very cute oxfords, black, and I just love them wearing!!!
    Great stuff for summer!!

    • verypurpleperson

      Oooh black oxfords, I’ve been thinking of getting another pair of these shoes. They’re so versatile!

  • I love the stripy one, it’s so simple and adorable. You’ve really inspired me to go home and start a sewing project.
    I love love love your blog by the way.

  • Very cute. The simplicity makes these tops even more pretty.

  • Gabe

    Hey! I like very much your blogg, I like you really much as you describe your day to day life and the creativity on every project. I found you via BurdaStyle, and now I almost check your website everyday in search of new posts. I think that you are very nice and I understand some of your problems and some of your happy moments.
    Please don’t stop writing, I wish you well from the other side of the world (Mexico).

    • verypurpleperson

      You’re very nice too, Gabe! Wish you well from Tokyo ^^

  • absolutely gorgeous ^ ^