A couple of dresses

20120831-155326.jpg 20120831-155334.jpg

A couple of days ago I went fabric shopping, and got so inspired that I made them into a couple of dresses already. I’ve been losing my sewing mood due to hot weather lately so I really felt satisfied with myself after making these two. The orange one is made with out of print Vogue 8313 and the dark one is Vogue 8728.

Unfortunately my computer is having some problem, the monitor won’t show anything. My husband said it’s the graphic card and he will fix it tonight. I guess there won’t be any decent post until then. This one is posted from iPhone, but I can’t get the pictures from my DSLR so here’s a couple of artsy instagram pictures.

Summer is going to go away soon and I hope I will be making more things this fall! Yay for no more sweaty sewing!

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