Birthday Hoodie (McCall’s 6614)

Hoodie (McCall's 6614) Hoodie (McCall's 6614)

Hoodie (McCall's 6614)
Grey hoodie

Here’s the hoodie that I made for my husband’s birthday! I just realized that this is the first thing that I made for him this year, and it’s already October! I guess I’ve been spending too much time making things for myself. He never complained though. I’m sorry honey!

McCall's 6614
McCall’s 6614

The pattern is McCall’s 6614, bought on sale for $1.99. From the pattern envelope: MISSES’/MEN’S TOPS AND JACKET: Close-fitting, pullover tops have princess seams and narrow hem. A: purchased trim. A and B: neck band. Fitted jacket has hem band and exposed zipper. C and D: contrast lined hood. All have cuffs, and fit for men’s sizing. I made view D in size M with no pattern alteration.

The fabric is cotton jersey in light grey. Or maybe can be described as muddled white. My husband has a tendency to wear clothing in indescribable color. Like almost black, almost white, almost brown, or something between brown and grey. Sometimes we joke and call it ‘the homeless colors’ or ‘apocalypse colors’. So when I saw this fabric in the store, I knew that it will be perfect for him!

I sewed it the day before my husband’s birthday, being too preoccupied with Sidra’s Thriller jacket. I figured that I could spend the day making the hoodie, but then my husband said that he would work at home that day! So I pretended to finish Sidra’s jacket the whole time. He caught me sewing with the grey fabric but I tried to hide the overall shape.

Fortunately it was such a quick sewing, thanks to the serger! The whole thing was finished on the serger, except for the topstitching. I miscalculated when buying the fabric, so there was not enough fabric for the hood lining and front facing. I just left the hood unlined and sewed cotton twill tape along the zipper as facing. I’ve seen this kind of treatment in store-bought jacket.
Hoodie (McCall's 6614) Hoodie (McCall's 6614)

I also changed the zipper to go all the way to the hood. He can zip it up over his head if he wants too. I think it looks more fun that way. The zipper is the only prominent detail on the jacket as my husband loves simple clothing with tiny thoughtful detail.

Hoodie (McCall's 6614) Hoodie (McCall's 6614)

The jacket fits him right from the envelope! I was a bit worried because the color looked dull when I put it against my skin, but it looked great on him. He also loves the zipper placement, claimed that it was the first time he saw such detail.

Happy birthday darling! I love you forever and thank you for being the sweetest man in the world! Here’s to many birthdays in the future to celebrate together! ♥♥♥

Hoodie (McCall's 6614) Hoodie (McCall's 6614)

Pattern is McCall’s 6614 size M.

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  • Wow! Great job. Very professional. I am a beginner sewer and have 2 questions
    1. What is that fabric called that covers the neck/hoody seam? And is it necessary to have?
    2. For the sleeve cuffs and bottom hem I prefer to use the ribbed fabric. Is there a better name for it?? It looks like this

    • Hi Michelle, the fabric covering the neckline seam is cotton twill tape. It is used to reinforce the neck so it won’t stretch out. You’d want the area to stay in shape and not all stretched out. You can also use grosgrain tape or even strips of fabric selvedge, basically any strip of fabric that is stable enough.
      The ribbed fabric is usually called ribbing fabric.
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • That’s a nice feature on the hoodie. I think it’s great that you sew for your husband (I don’t)! And I like the photos – the dappled shadows are really nice.

  • The jacket looks great, ur hubby is one lucky man!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    I always LOL when I see that pattern envelope….

    • I know! What’s with the hugging pose? And the guy doesn’t look too happy about it LOL

  • That zipper placement is genius!

  • That’s lovely! Good on you, he does seem to love it!

  • I loooooove this! So cute! I love the tip about covering the zipper tape with twill tape– genius! Happy birthday!!!!!

  • RC

    I love that he models his new clothing items for you. So cute! The zipper detail and twill tape are perfect additions to this hoodie. 🙂

  • Miriana

    I love the zip

  • You have inspired me to sew something for my husband. I love your zipper!

  • Wonderful idea with this zip 🙂

  • Love the jacket. Nicely done as usual. (n_n)

  • What a sweet post! The hoodie looks great on him. I wish your family many more happy years to come!