Reversible jumper dress

This is another dress that I made for TokyoMade Market. The orange and green fabric is called songket, a type of traditional fabric from Sumatra, Indonesia, featuring hand-woven cotton with gold threads inserted in specific areas to create the intricate pattern.

This songket fabric used to be worn by my mother in several occasion when I was little. My mother used it as sarong, a type of lower garment from uncut cloth. The fabric was quite old and the gold threads were pulled in several areas, I unpicked the seamline and opened the fabric back to its original rectangle shape. But then I still had no idea what to make of it.

Then I found this nice fabric with round shapes on yellow to orange gradation in a local fabric store here. The round shapes actually has gold outlines, so I incorporate the orange fabric with the vintage songket to make a reversible jumper dress.
Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress

Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress
The method of making the dress is basically the same as my gold dots dress, with different bodice part. I added a pair of long ties on the front part, so the lapels can be left open or tied together. All the topstitchings are done in gold threads. The songket has different pattern on them, some part has green and orange checks, the other side has lots of gold threads pattern on it. So I had to move my pattern pieces around to find the most suitable combination. It was kinda difficult because the songket fabric was not too much to begin with, and there were already some damaged areas on it. But when I finally succeeded, I love love love love it!

Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dressReversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress

Reversible jumper dressReversible jumper dress

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  • These are so wonderful! I absolutely love the bright colors! Looks like something I could just live in. Beautiful job 🙂

  • Sabrina

    Please make a tutorial for this! Such awesome fabric choices you’ve made. Now I want to make one.

  • Allison

    Wow, what an amazing dress? If you have time you should make a tutorial. It would be awesome for those who would have time to make their own dresses.

  • Gal

    kereeenn..:D songketnya bagus. I really like it, hope someday i can make a dress like that.

  • Holly Sanchez

    I love the orange-y yellow side. The colors are so bright and cheery. And the shape is very flowy and easy. I love it. I really love your work. Every time I even peek at your blog I yearn for my sewing machine back. Thanks for posting your stuff. You are very inspirational.

  • OMG! I think this is the greatest dress I´ve ever seen! Seriously, I looooove it! I wish I could download it and wear it, hehehehehe.
    (Is the dress perhaps for sale….?)