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My first Etsy sale!

I sold my first bag!

It’s only been 3 days since I opened the etsy shop, so I didn’t really expect anything going on. But yesterday I got an email from etsy notifying that I’ve just got a bag sold! Somebody actually want to buy them! Really? I just couldn’t stop smiling all day.
And I’m still not sure how to package the bag and everything. Oh my, I should have been more prepared. Finally I decided to put the bag in a simple tote bag made from some reclaimed fabric (woohoo making another bag!) . Does it look like a pillow?My nice husband made the thank you note and even drew a very cute bunny on it. He’s such a darling.

The bag is being sent right now and I hope it will make someone happy ^.^

6 Responses to My first Etsy sale!

  1. Masko / StitchinSista says:

    Hi, and Congrats!!
    It is a super quick sale, it took me 3 to 4 weeks to make the 1st sale.
    I am so lookingforward to seeing your future creation. Enjoy Etsy‚ô™

  2. Anonymous says:


    I know the feeling when you make the first sale. I am quite new to the Etsy too. I really love your bright bags!

    Kind regards Hilde at http://www.BagOfJoy.etsy.com

  3. vantiani says:

    Yay! Congrats on the first sale, Novita!
    And welcome to the etsy galore:)


  4. Karencilla says:

    that's the cutest thing ever!

  5. lunatepetal says:

    cool! congrats on your first sale :)
    it still makes me smile after something is sold. such a happy feeling :)

  6. neil says:

    Hi! Love your blog, love your projects :)
    Hope you won't mind me putting a link to yours in mine!

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