Boy’s striped shirt

A few days ago, Sidra and me went to Marunan, a fabric store in Shibuya, where I almost died looking at all the fabric. The 4-floors store is not too big, a bit like fabric store in Mayestik or Pasar Baru, but it is packed with the most beautiful fabric I’ve ever wanted. Cotton, linen, with beautiful patterns and everything.Sidra seemed to enjoy the trip, he wanted some fabrics and buttons for himself. At the end, I let him choose two fabrics for him, and one of them is this greenish grey thin fabric with thin stripes.

I decided to make a simple shirt out of the fabric, as I wanted to exercise my ability of sewing stand-up collar and making buttonholes. I’m not satisfied at all with these two results, I want them to be neater and smoother. I really need some practice with these stuffs. But as a whole piece, I think the shirt looks nice and comfortable.

Sidra is really into insects lately, he has this big book of insects that he browse everyday and put in a special tote bag. The one insect that really interest him is kabuto mushi (helmet beetle), he’s been begging me for days to have one as a pet. So I put an iron-on-patch of kabuto mushi on his shirt and Sidra really likes it. He’s still wearing the shirt right now.

Pattern is from R&D.M.Co-boys&girls

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