Striped tee and chino pants

One day Sidra declared that he no longer wanted to wear ‘T-shirts with faces on it’, which means most of his T-shirts. He said that these T-shirts are too childish which doesn’t make sense because he is a child after all! But anyway he’s in constant need of new clothing as he keeps growing, so I made him some new ones.

The first one is a striped T-shirt with little pocket made with leftover fabric from my striped Jorna dress, the pattern is from one of my Japanese pattern book. He quite likes it so I bought some cotton jersey with these interesting stripes. I’ve seen some T-shirts with stripes in different color and I wanted to make him one.

Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants

The pattern is Biscuit by Tamanegi-Kobo, a Japanese pattern store. The sleeves are cut in such a way that from the front they look like a regular T-shirt sleeves, but from the back they are has raglan sleeves. The pattern is in Japanese but it is a simple one so you won’t find too many difficulties making it. It is also a free downloadable pattern!

Stripes t-shirt Stripes t-shirt

I regretted that I only bought 50 cm of each stripes fabric. Turned out that he’s taller than I thought and needed a bit more in length. Initially I didn’t plan to use different pattern on the sleeves but they were also a bit short so I added a strip of different fabric to lengthen them.
Stripes t-shirt Stripes t-shirt Khaki pants Khaki pants

I also made a pair of pants with cotton twill in dark khaki color. The pattern is Banyan trousers by Figgy’s, I have bought this pattern sometime ago but never had the chance to make it. Although Sidra is 11 years old, his size matched size 6-7 to this pattern. He wanted his pants about calf length so I didn’t have to lengthen the legs at all.

Khaki pants Khaki pants

The pairings of striped T-shirt and calf-length khaki pants is actually quite trendy right now here, so I think he looks like a mini adult in his new outfit!
Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants Stripes t-shirt and khaki pants

Tee pattern (black and white) is from クライ・ムキの子供服―Simple+one (別冊家庭画報), size 130.
Tee pattern is Biscuit (Free PDF pattern – Japanese) by Tamanegi-Kobo, size 130.
Pants pattern is Banyan pants by Figgy’s, size 6-7.

On another note, Sidra has now reached more than 130 cm in height which is the tallest size in most Japanese kids pattern books. Since I won’t be using these books anymore, I set up a store to sell them: Fuwawa Sensei. There’s also sewing pattern books for women and other Japanese craft books, most are still in good condition. Please visit the store and thank you!

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  • Aandes

    Wow..neatly done. Sidra is so handsome (and cute at the same time!)

  • I love this outfit! It looks so cool! Sidra is looking so grownup!

  • Sidra is getting so big!! He looks VERY stylish in this getup! I love the cropped chinos, and that tee has so many interesting details going on! Awesome work, as always!

  • hoosiermama

    I would be seriously thrilled to have had one of my kids say, at Sidra’s age, I don’t want to wear T-shirts with faces any more! Dressing like slob is so pervasive, any step in the other direction is welcome. P.S. I always enjoy your posts, whether it’s about dog sweaters or whatever.

    • I think most people in Japan pay more attention to their clothes than in most countries so it kinda affect Sidra as well. He often ‘declared’ what style he was in at the moment. Once he said that he loved ‘dark style’ and only wanted to wear black and skull pattern. Then he changed to ‘colorful style’ and wanted to wear clashing colors and patterns 😛
      Thank you for reading my posts!

  • Aw, he’s really growing up! I love that tee, the different sleeves and the two stripe patterns make a basic tee quite interesting.

    • I love the to add little details to an otherwise basic tee, so this pattern is perfect for that 🙂

  • This is so stylish! He’s such a little adult…

    • Growing up so fast! On the other hand he is still our baby 🙂

  • Sidra is so stylish! Those sleeves are messing with my mind..

    • I know! The pattern piece is very clever 🙂

  • Love this pattern with the interesting sleeves! Your son does look like a young man! Very handsome in new outfit!!!!

    • Thank you! He is growing fast… 🙂

  • Your son has great style. Lovely makes.

  • Deb

    Love the sleeves on that t-shirt! I don’t think I’ve ever seen sleeves that are so different front to back but I really like it. The pants turned out great!

    • The sleeves are very interesting! They also have similar pattern for women, it is called Fujiko.

  • The outfit is very nice and looks so cute on him. mmmm okay he would probably not like being said to be cute on him LOL.. how about looks very teenage on him :O)…

    • Haha you are right, he doesn’t like to be called cute! Little did he know that my husband and I often watched him sleeping and said to ourselve, “Ooooh look how cute he is…” 😛

  • I love how he has such a firm sense of personal style at such a young age. And such classy taste too! I wore t-shirts with faces on them up until my early twenties…

    • I still wear T-shirt with faces on it, they’re fun! 😀