Fuchsia and black bra set

Fuchsia and black set

My current favorite bra at the moment is the bronze bra that I made a couple of months ago. The vertical seams on the cups are quite attractive and they’re comfortable to wear. So here is another pair made with the same pattern, Merckwaerdigh BHST2, I made the second variation that have lace inset. This bra pattern actually has interesting low back design but this time I didn’t want a low back so the band has been altered to simple straight band.

The cups are fuchsia lycra, lined with Makebra foam lining. The back band are black powernet. The seam between the padded cups and the lace is topstitched with triple zigzag stitch so it is all flattened down. However, I don’t quite like how it looked on the inside as they are not too neat. I suppose I should make a visit to lingerie store later for ‘research’.

Fuchsia and black set Fuchsia and black set

Fuchsia and black set Fuchsia and black set

The panties is made with Makebra free hipster pattern. This is the first time I made this pattern and I really like the result! They covered the bottom completely, a bit like boyshorts. The pattern has no seam allowance, so don’t forget to add them if you want to use the pattern. I added 6 mm seam allowances as it is the same width as my overlocker feet.

One pair of the panties were made the same fabric as the bra cups, the other pair were made with black mesh fabric which has certain shine when it catches the light. My husband saw the black panties and exclaimed,‘They are completely transparent??’ Well, the crotch is lined so not completely….

Fuchsia and black set Fuchsia and black set

Fuchsia and black set Fuchsia and black set

Fuchsia and black set Fuchsia and black set

Fuchsia and black set

Bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHST2 size 30D
Panties pattern is Makebra free hipster pattern size S

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  • Oh… so beautiful set Novita!

    It seems you are not satisfied with the inside of the seam between the padded part and the lace. You may have already found a solution based on your ”research”, however, I’m telling you my method in the case like this.
    I finish the upper edge of the foam lining with a serger. Then I stitch the cover pieces together with a straight stitch, turn the seam allowances downwards while placing the cover over the lining. I stitch the cover in place either inside, on the seam allowance or topstitching like you did. The seam is left flatter when the seam allowance is not folded under the foam lining edge. Hope this helps!

    Waiting for your forthcoming creations!
    Annele from Make Bra

    • That really makes sense Annele! I will use your method for my next pair. I was a bit dissatisfied that there’s a slight bulge on the seam between the lace and cup. Now I can see that there’s a solution to it. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  • Just lovely, as everything you make! I like the hipster panties, no lines showing on your bum! 🙂

  • Lovely set! Vivid and fresh 🙂 All your lingerie is so beautiful! Found your blog while researching on bra making for my first attempt. Sewing pants now to polish my wovens sewing skills.
    PP The bronze set is my favorite. The materials combination is just perfect and the low back so elegant

  • Oh, how pretty! I’m taking a bra making class in September & seeing these is making me even more excited about it!

    • Oh I hope I have bra making class here in Tokyo! Hope you will enjoy and learn lots of things in the class! 🙂

  • I keep saying I am going to learn to sew bra and panties. You do a outstanding job on them! Yours are all simply gorgeous! Makes me want to learn to make them even more!

    • You should start making them! The hardest part is finding the perfect fit, but the actual sewing is really fun 🙂

  • great job. I love those panties. I tried to use that pattern but was utterly confused

  • Gorgeous! All your sets are lovely. Really like the fuchsia and black together.

    • Thank you! The color combo is hard under light-colored clothes, but it’s nice to have something different once in a while 🙂

  • Great project! I just started doing some research on lingerie sewing and I’ve loved reading your posts.

    • Thank you! Hopefully you will start making your own. It is addicting!

  • Beautiful lingerie set! I love the fuchsia and black color combo. All your bra and panties sets always fuel my desire to make my own 🙂 I`ve just started a Bra and Corset making class, can`t wait to make gorgeous sets like yours!

    • It’s great that you can find a class to learn them where you live. Good luck on the lingerie sewing journey! Making your own lingerie is so fun 🙂

  • Great set. I like the vibrant color with the black.

    • Thank you Sigrid! I love the color too, although it is difficult to wear them with light-colored clothes… 🙂

  • I’d buy that set! Actually, I’d make it if I thought my results would be anything like yours 🙂 Better get practicing…

    • You should make them! Sewing lingerie is so addictive 😛

  • Wow! This set looks so cool! The bra is gorgeous and I love the two different panties _ you’re so lucky to have found a perfectly matching fuschia elastic, it’s the perfect finishing touch!

    I envy you! I always wanted to sew my own lingerie, since these are some of my favorite garments, but I’m already afraid of sewing knits ; maybe one day…

    • Actually I won the auction at Merckwaerdigh ebay store for a whole lot of the fuchsia elastic, so I bought the fuchsia fabric to match. Still have lots of them left though so there will be more lingerie with fuchsia elastic!

      Sewing lingerie is really not that hard, you don’t even need to have a serger. The fitting is the difficult part. But once you found the perfect fit, everything will go well 🙂