Bronze bra and panties set

Bronze bra and panties set

These are Merckwaerdigh BHST2, underwired bra with low back. The panties patterns are Merckwaerdigh MIX30 and Merckwaerdigh Mix25 that I have used several times before. The set was made with a Merckwaerdigh kit which includes fabrics and all notions, enough for one bra and two panties. Using kit like this is great because I can skip the mix and match step and focus on sewing rightaway.

In the original pattern, the cups have no padding. Since I was quite happy with the foam lined cups on my last set, I lined these ones with the foam lining from Makebra as well. Usually I don’t like wearing padded bra, but this foam lining absolutely doesn’t increase breast volume. So I’m quite happy to have found them.

Bronze bra and panties set Bronze bra and panties set


I cut the foam lining pieces with no seam allowances on the top and center seam. The pieces were butted against each other and zigzagged together, then I cut a strip of non-stretch lining and put it on top of the seam and stitched it down using three step zigzag stitch.

I feel that the blackness of the foam cups under the lace was too harsh, so I lined the foam cups with beige non-stretch lining. The top of the lace cups is not attached to the lined foam cups. To secure them, I tacked a couple of handstitched bars on the top of each cup. Sorry if the picture is not too clear, photographing black is not easy!

Bronze bra and panties set Bronze bra and panties set

Bronze bra and panties set Bronze bra and panties set

Bronze bra and panties set

I find that with Merckwaerdigh bra patterns, I don’t have to alter too much. Usually I only had to shorten the band a couple cm and didn’t have to do anything with the cups. That’s why I really like them! These ones also fit quite well. The low back is very interesting and it will be very useful for summer dresses, and the foam lined cups will make it wearable during the cold weather!

Bra pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHST2 size 30D
Panties pattern are  bra and panties patterns are Merckwaerdigh MIX30 and Merckwaerdigh Mix25.

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  • I love your lingerie sewing – very inspiring.

  • Jo

    What a gorgeous set! Your lingerie making skills are amazing – just interpreting some of the instructions are tricky sometimes, let alone achieving such a beautiful finish! Inspirational!

  • Naomi

    So pretty! I just ordered the pattern.

  • Amy

    this is a really decadent set! lovely.

  • pneu

    I can’t believe how pretty these are–I gasped in delight when I saw the first photo. It’s been fascinating to see your lingerie-making skills improve over the last few years. You did a wonderful job!

  • Beautiful, as always! I’m just about to embark on some Merkwaerdigh sewing myself with some foam that just came in the mail yesterday! I really love foam-lined cups, and I think that the merkwaerdigh patterns look more to my taste than the pin-up girls I’ve tried in the past. So glad to hear that the foam is working out for you 🙂

  • Michelle

    Beautiful! Love the colors! Really beautiful and so well done!

  • So so well done, beautiful colors! Glad to know that you can get the pads, I def need those!

  • Hey, this is gorgeous! I love that the band is wide under the arms. Looks like you could wear it all day and still be comfortable.

  • Stunning combo of lace and satiny bronze color-delicious. Your sewing skills are phenomenal; thanks for sharing your methods.

  • You are AMAZING!! It looks *so* RTW!!

  • Oooh, absolutely exquisite set!!! I’m all swoony over the fabric and lace combo you’ve used, though I’m always swooning over your projects :D. I recently made all three items in Merckwaerdigh’s Mix30, which was the first time I had used her patterns, and I absolutely love them — fun to sew and super comfy too! I’ll definitely be purchasing more Merckwaerdigh patterns.

  • Another gorgeous set!

  • Amazing work. Love this so much.

  • Houseofpinheiro

    So inspirational… Beautiful work darling

  • These are truly beautiful. A low backed bra would be very useful indeed for summer dresses.

  • Oh, lovely! It’s a very sophisticated set! I am so envious of your bra-making expertise.

  • Gorgeous! I especially love how the bands curve up towards the straps from the hook and eye tape in this pattern – very elegant and flattering on the back, I would think! I was quite surprised to see that the foam you’ve linked too is 4mm thick? That seems quite substantial. I’ll have to get some to compare it to the 2mm stuff I have just been using 🙂

    • I was quite surprised too at first! But after wearing them for a while, the thickness kinda disappear. Makebra also stated about this in their website, so this lining doesn’t really act like padding. However, they can be still be used as padding when overlapped together 🙂

      • Good to know! 🙂

        • Interesting about the foam lining “disappearing” after a couple of wears!