Winter cape

Winter cape
The school requires that the children should wear school smock to school and any jacket or coat should be taken off before entering the schoolbus. That is why I decided to make a cape for Sidra because it can be easily taken off once the bus is coming.

Sidra has specifically requested something with green fur for his coat, so I bought half a metre of this green fur to use as a lining for the black wool. The pattern is an alteration from Sidra’s navy jacket. The cape also has two slits for hands and a pair of pockets. The fur makes it a bit thick so I use three big hooks instead of buttons for closure.

But on the first day wearing the cape, it still took a long time before Sidra entered the bus school because he was busy showing it off to the sensei who picked him up. He excitedly pointed to his cape and said: “Mama tsukuta” (Mama made it), while the sensei and the bus driver smiled patiently; and me smiling sheepishly to them.

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  • Anonymous

    I am from Montreal. I just discovered you blog and think you are amazing. I am a fashion design student and totally wish I had your talent (and good looks). Keep the inspiration coming!

  • verypurpleperson

    Thank you ladies 🙂

    Chie, I think the rules are based on the concern that the kids might accidentally forget their stuffs. I don’t really mind the rules actually because they put the heater on all day on the bus and school. And Sidra has actually lost a couple or two socks because he forgot where he put them at school. You know, kindergarten kids 🙂

    Karen, aww maybe someday I will. Thank you girl!

  • anastasia

    he looks very dapper in his new cape and bolero!

  • Karencilla

    Ok, Novita, once again i ask you: why don’t you start a kid’s handmade clothing line? This is awesome! and of course Sidra looks cute as always

  • dream-kido

    great, great like always. you should think about selling your amazing creations. i know for my own experience that it is hard to find nice boy clothes but your are amazing. the best for you and your family in this coming year.

  • chie

    lovely coat! btw, i think that rule about taking off coat and jacket before entering into school bus is rediculous. japan has all kinds of stupid rules… what if kids get sick because of that?!

  • SweetPeaknits

    I love this cape, I think he looks fantastic in it. By the way, i’ve just found you blog and i love it.