Purple dress and white hat

Purple dress and white hat
Purple dress and white hat

Now I should be making something else, a bag for Sidra’s art equipments, but I’ve been to 2 local fabric stores and didn’t find any suitable fabrics. Those unsuccesful trips resulted in purchase of other not so necessarily things, like these purple and white cotton fabrics. I guess Sidra has to wait for his bag next week, Mama’s being selfish today.

The purple dress is very simple, I used a basic bodice block to make the upper part. The lower parts are just 2 rectangles the width of the fabric, The front rectangle is cut in half for the opening. I was experimenting with unfinished edges (or maybe I’m just lazy), so I didn’t use any facings, except for self-facings for the front opening. To prevent further fraying, the raw edges are double stitched about 1 cm from the edges. The buttons are all in different shapes.

The hat pattern is from a Japanese pattern book, but I made the brim slightly wider. The fabric is Indian cotton. It was a very quick sewing, and I really like the result. I think I’ll make another hat in black.

Bodice pattern is JJ’s Bodice Sloper/Block from Burdastyle.
Hat pattern is from ソーイングナチュリラ vol.2 Spring&Summer.

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  • patricia

    oh wowowowow, both the dress and the hat are gorgeous!

  • Eva Sutter

    Totally awesome! I love your blog and your always inspiring work! Love the asymmetrical buttons idea!

  • mateja

    Beautiful dress and hat!!

  • Christy

    very adorable and very well put together.
    I love the white hat, purple dress & pink shoes.

  • Karencilla

    Hey thanks for your comment !!
    I was like “what??” at this hour?? .. i’m so dummy i forgot that you are on the other side of the world! =)

  • verypurpleperson

    Thank you everybody! Glad that you like them ^.^

    Yoshimi, can’t wait to see your hat! This is my first time making (and wearing) this kind of hat and I really like it!

    Katie, I think you should try! A denim sloppy hat sounds very chic!

  • Karencilla

    What can i say?? These are gorgeous!!! I love your work Novita!

  • jennwhisper

    you are such an amazing sewer! I love the new dress and hat, such a lovely color! so inspiring!!!

  • Katie

    Oh and happy be-lated Mother’s Day :)!

  • Katie

    That purple is beautiful. I love the different shaped buttons all in white. It adds some fun and interest but is still sophisticated. And the hat is great. I have a pattern for one similar in my Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing. I didn’t think I’d ever try that one out, but I think now I might :). I’ve got some dark denim just hanging out, that might work nicely. Beautiful work as always. Love the simplicity of your new header by the way. I need to customize my blog, that’s way over due.

  • chie

    this looks adorable! purple color suites you so well. great job!!

  • verobirdie

    Lovely dress and lovely hat.
    I was wondering about sewing hats, you give me an answer.

  • yoshimi

    Great! I love your new purple dress, the color is absolutely gorgeous. I love your hat too, and I’m very glad to see yours as I am planning to make one from the same pattern!! Thanks for sharing!

  • ms random

    hi… i just wanted to say nice blog!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Novita,

    You finally posted something up.
    Adore your hat. I’m a hat lover myself.
    Your hat is good enough to be placed on departmental shelves.

    🙂 CheRio