Mission Maxi Dress #2

Starry Mission Maxi dress Starry Mission Maxi dress

Starry Mission Maxi dress
Starry Mission Maxi dress

Since I made my grey Mission Maxi dress, I’ve been wearing it everyday that I’m sure my husband is tired of seeing me in that dress. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, in this case, I have to wash that dress once in a while. So here comes another Mission Maxi!

I’m officially in love with this pattern. This is like the easiest sewing I’ve ever done, sew the straps – sew the bindings – sew the sides of dress, and within half an hour I got a pretty and comfortable dress.

The fabric is double-gauze knit with stars pattern. I love that is double layered so nothing see through here.

For the bindings, I cut 2.5 cm-wide strips pf fabric, and attached them using overlocker, pulling them a bit while sewing. I didn’t fold the fabric strips like I did for my first Mission Maxi because I wanted the raw edge to show. Since the fabric is double-layered, the white inner layer is peeking through a bit.

The bindings are then topstitched using sewing machine set on zigzag stitch, 0.5 in width and 3 in length. I could have use the coverstitch function on my overlocker to do this, but I was too lazy to change the settings and the needles. The hem is left intentionally raw to let the white inner layer peek through.

Something tells me that this won’t be the last of Mission Maxi  dress. But how many maxi dresses can a woman have anyway?

Starry Mission Maxi dress Starry Mission Maxi dress

Starry Mission Maxi dress Starry Mission Maxi dress

 Pattern is Mission Maxi by Jamie Christina, size 2 on bust and 4 on waist and hip.

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  • I love this dress so much! You did such a great job! I’m definitely buying this pattern for the spring/summer! thanks for sharing!

  • a star is born!wonderfull!bravo!

  • The dress looks great on you! It is pretty and looks comfortable, i am very tempted to make one, although I am not really a maxi dress kind of person.
    By the way, I have nominated your blog for the lovely blog award:

    • Thank you so much! ^^

  • Wow, gorgeous dress! I love this version!

  • Wendy

    Love your dress!!

  • valeria

    me encantoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • One can never have too many maxi-dresses!

  • Very cute fabric! I have never used a double gauze knit before only the woven variety. I bet its super soft and comfy to wear.

    • They’re indeed super soft and comfortable! You should try double-gauze knit 🙂

  • Love this dress on you. It looks beautiful yet so comfortable. Great work!

  • This pattern is perfect on you so just keep on going and make some more dresses! Simone

  • Amy

    I agree, one can’t have too many. They are perfect lazy summer dresses, and double gauze knit sounds so dreamy! I like the neckline on this–did you raise it up for this one?

    • Double-gauze knit is amazing! I shortened the straps a bit at the shoulders so that raised the neckline 🙂

  • Very nice Maxi dress. I don’t have the Mission maxi, but the McCall’s maxi pattern and I am thinking of making my 4th version. I am not even a dress kind of girl, but you can definitely have a month’s worth of maxi dresses. Why not?

  • oooo i love that star fabric! this dress looks so comfortable and adorable on everyone i see make it – yours is fantastic!

  • LLBB

    Cool fabric! Yay for a pattern you love. Looks great!!

  • I need to make this dress, great everyday style, and I love the star fabric.