Knee-length linen pants

Linen pants
Linen pants

Thank you for all the sweet comments on my last post! I’ve been really enjoying the house and spending time doing things around the house that I no longer spent lots of my time in front of the computer or sewing machine. It’s quite a rare thing in my life! I’m not quite sure if that is a good thing for this blog though (-_-). But I slowly got into my sewing mood and finished my first project in the new house!

Sidra had been asking for a pair of knee-length pants now that the weather is getting warmer. The advantage of packing and unpacking was that I found lots of ‘new’ stuff in my stash. One of them is the linen fabric for this pair of pants, perfect for this weather.

Linen pants Linen pants

The pattern is from Japanese pattern book, シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服. I really like this book, all the patterns are quite simple but everyone of them has interesting details. I’ve used the book to make these sleeveless T-shirts and lots of pants for Sidra and there are still several patterns that I have yet to try.

The pants has back yoke and fake back pockets with flaps.  The sides of  the front pockets and flaps are sewed together with the sides of the pants. I really like these little interesting details.

And here’s Sidra hopping around happily in front of the house in his new pants!

Linen pants Linen pants

Linen pants Linen pants

Linen pants Linen pants

Pattern is #24 from シンプル&ちょこっとデザイン おんなの子服おとこの子服, size 130. 

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  • Dira

    where did you get your fabric you’re using? because i do love to sew my clothes, but cannot find (or probably not yet) find any good fabrics. any suggestions? thank you!

    • There’s a lot of nice fabric stores in Tokyo so I just go there to buy fabrics.

  • Marilyn

    Great pants and thanks for posting the pattern, I just bought it yesterday! : )) I need tracing papers now! Sidra looks cool!!

  • Amy

    These are adorable! I love the pocket flaps. It looks like you are having fun in your new neighborhood.

  • Layla

    What a lovely pant! You turned me on to this book with a previous post (long grey pants). I agree that all the pattern have interesting and thoughtful details. I can’t wait to make this one!

  • Emi

    Nice pants for Sidra! I love the skull tag detail. Any idea where I could find something similar for my little boys? I was looking for something on the web but without success.

  • Oh these are great, I love those pockets!

  • Nice! Loving the pogo-stick action shots, Sidra looks very proud of his cool pants XD

  • Exquisite topstitching and detailing. I love the fabric and the pattern but the front pocket won me over. I have pinned one of the photos, please let me know if it´s not OK.

  • Really cute! Sidra gets the best clothes!

  • Sidra looks great! What a handsome young man. The pants are very wearable and everyday but the little details (pockets) definitely make it special.