Scrap bucket

Scrap bucket

Scrap bucketThis month is Scrap buster month in Sew, Mama, Sew! blog, and they have so many great projects for fabric scraps. After browsing on those wonderful projects, I got inspired by this bucket and made my own version. The bucket uses scraps of Ikea fabrics that seemed to have never stopped overflowing my sewing room.

I sewed several strips together, the lines are not straight because the strips are in different widths. Then I ironed fusible interfacing on the back and cut them into 35×80 cm rectangle.

I wanted a circle for the bottom of the bucket, so the diameter of the circle is 80cm ÷ π(approx. 3.14) = approx. 25.5 cm. I also used fusible interfacing for the bottom.

Scrap bucket

The lining is patched together from bigger pieces of the same Ikea fabric. The construction is the same as the outer bucket, but without interfacing. When sewing the lining to the outer fabric, I inserted two strips of black cotton webbing for the handle.

I think the result is pretty nice! And because the bucket is made from fabric, the height can be easily adjusted by folding it down. There are still tons of Ikea fabric scraps (and of course the non-Ikea scraps), so I guess I’ll never have to buy any boxes or cases from now on!

Scrap bucket Scrap bucket Scrap bucket

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