Dropped crotch romper

Dropped crotch romperBeing more of a dress person, I’ve never thought much about this romper trend before. But maybe they kinda grew on me since I saw them around the net so much.

So when I found this cotton fabric with black and white elephant print on it, I decided to give a take on romper.

The pattern is very simple, I only lengthened the top of a dropped-crotch pants until it reached my chest. Then I created rows of elastic shirrings on the bodice part to create a tight fit. Since my elastic strings are a bit thick, I enclosed them in rows of zigzag stitches. The straps also have elastics in them so they wouldn’t fall off.

The result looks like a giant baby clothing, I kinda like it but still have doubt whether this romper suits me or not. But my husband said it looked really cute. Or maybe he’s just being nice.

Dropped crotch romper

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  • Ashlie

    Would you tell me what pattern you used for the dropped crotch? I’ve been meaning to make a pair of these pants… Thanks! Love the sunsuit.

    • verypurpleperson

      I drafted my own pattern after a pair of dropped crotch pants that I saw on the street. But maybe you can use Thai pants pattern from Burdastyle, taper the legs and lengthen the top. Here’s the link to the pattern: http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns/thai-fishermen-s-pants
      I’ve never done it myself, so I suggest to experiment with it first.
      Thank you!

  • nomaliza

    I like this pattern, it looks comfortable. I hope I can make one for maternity use…Particularly as I am pregnant at the moment! If you know japanese patterns book or any other pattern books on maternity fashion, do let me know..As I don't want to spend hundreds of ringgit to buy them…Thanks.

  • dana

    This is ADORABLE. I never though to do shirring like that on an outfit for ME! Beautiful.
    – dana

  • stefanisarah

    here's a question i've been pondering for sometime: how does one go to the restroom when wearing romper? does she pull the upper part all the way down? if so, it's kinda half naked, no?

  • transient beauty

    I am averse to the romper, but I actually think you pulled yours off very well! The elephant print is quite wonderful.

  • Hanako66

    wow, you are so talented…I love it!

  • verypurpleperson

    Glad that everyone thinks it's cute too, turned out that my husband was not only being nice ^.^

  • Karencilla

    this is GREAT novita.. i wish i could wear rompers! i am too short for that!

  • Cosmo

    I think that you look adorable in this, but you are super chic in every photo you post.

  • Katie

    My only question with this whole trend is, couldn't they have picked a little more grown-up name than "romper"? Having children still running around in them, I'm not sure if I could bring myself to wear one :). But as I've said before I think you can pull off anything and your version looks cute on you, and quite comfy too.

  • chie

    its so cute! i like the elephant fabric!!

  • Kimberly D.

    I really have not been into the romper comeback, but I LOVE this one! I like how you changed up the style a bit and made it more modern.
    It looks super great on you! I have a friend who is built like you and I think she would look great in one too!

  • khathle


    I really enjoy your blog and the last few days I was waiting for your post.
    Well this romper is really nice, the fabric is great.
    As you're thin, it suits you. For people with large hips and a big bottom, I'm not sure.

  • hausmausblog

    I think it looks great on you! I've been wanting to sew a romper for quite some time now, but yours gave me the final push to go ahead and try it. And thanks for the construction tip!