Dropped crotch romper

Dropped crotch romperBeing more of a dress person, I’ve never thought much about this romper trend before. But maybe they kinda grew on me since I saw them around the net so much.

So when I found this cotton fabric with black and white elephant print on it, I decided to give a take on romper.

The pattern is very simple, I only lengthened the top of a dropped-crotch pants until it reached my chest. Then I created rows of elastic shirrings on the bodice part to create a tight fit. Since my elastic strings are a bit thick, I enclosed them in rows of zigzag stitches. The straps also have elastics in them so they wouldn’t fall off.

The result looks like a giant baby clothing, I kinda like it but still have doubt whether this romper suits me or not. But my husband said it looked really cute. Or maybe he’s just being nice.

Dropped crotch romper

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