Black Lingerie set

Black lingerie set
Black lingerie set

I’ve been making lingerie for sometime now, and my drawer is happily filled with pink, blue, peach, red, polka dot and floral ones when I realized that I didn’t have a black one. You know, an ordinary black lace set, which every woman should have.

It happened that I have all the fabrics and notions for this particular set, so off I went to the sewing table (which is also our dining table).

For the pattern, I used Merckwaerdigh Mix30. From the pattern envelope: ‘Pattern MIX30 from Dutch design Merckwaerdigh with a good supporting underwired bra, lovely hipster pantie & all lace knickers. This pattern does requires some experience in home made lingerie.’

I’ve used the pantie pattern numerous times but only used the bra pattern once for this black and white set. The bridge between the cups was a bit wide in this set, so I shortened the gap about 0.8 cm. This resulted in much better fit. That was the only alteration I made for the pattern.

I’m very happy with the result and wished to share some proper pictures but photographing black fabric was quite difficult! I adjusted the lighting a bit to show the details but it made the black looked rather washed out. Anyway, this set looked even better in real life and most of all, fit beautifully. Now I have my own black lingerie set!

Black lingerie set

Black lingerie set Black lingerie set

Black lingerie set

Black lingerie set

Bra and panties pattern is Merckwaerdigh Mix30 (bra, pantie, knickers), bra size 30C, panties size S.

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  • I just discovered your blog. I am so impressed by the high quality of your work. I would be very hesitant to try making my own lingerie, but you show that it can be done beautifully. Everything you make looks great.

  • This set looks great from the inside and outside. Nice job photographing the black too. Always a challenge.

  • Girls are gorgeous beings. And what terrific way to express such charm is by wearing attractive lingerie and swimwear. Let your loveliness mesmerize others.

  • Gorgeous. Looks better than store bought.

  • grownupnerd

    Actually… why do you always make 2 panties per set?
    If you must make 2, why not make 2 different patterns of panties at the same time?

    • I usually have half a metre of lycra and it is enough for one bra and two panties. It is convenient because for me bra always have longer wearing time than panties. I don’t want to have 2 panties made with different pattern in one set.

  • Such a beautiful new set of lingerie! And your workmanship is perfect 🙂

    • Thank you Carolyn! 🙂

  • Ritney

    wedewww,… kamu rajin pisan,… bagussss dan so special bgt tuh,… kalo aku bikin yg beginian,…wah…ciao ciao deh 😉

  • Deb

    So pretty! As you said, every woman needs a set of black lacy underthings!

  • Gorgeous! I really can’t believe you made these– they’re absolutely beautiful!

  • They look beautiful, and I like the tatami mats as backdrop. So many lovely underwear sets and swimsuits on people’s blogs are making me want to try too!

  • How really beautiful! Your lingerie always inspires me. I have yet to try a Merckwaerdigh pattern, although I have bought notions from her. She has so many lovely patterns. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    • I agree that her patterns are lovely, although the instructions are not as clear as the Pin-Up Girls patterns! I learned so much from that one Pin-Up Girls pattern, thanks to you of course! 🙂

  • Beautiful!!

  • You sure do love lingerie don’t you? I love all your lingerie sets but this one is by far my favorite. There is nothing cooler and sexier than black lingerie!