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Broken striped top and black shorts

Broken striped top Broken striped top

These are the simple shorts that I made yesterday, along with an equally simple top. The waistband of the shorts is elasticized while the front waistband is kept flat, so there’s no need for fastener. The original pattern is for pants but I shortened it and added a row of black cotton lace on the hem. The top is pretty simple with only two pattern pieces, the front and back pattern are the same except for the neckline.

Both patterns are from a Japanese pattern magazine called ソーイングナチュリラ vol.4. You can see the top and pants are on the left in this picture.

The fabric for the top is cotton knit with interesting broken stripes pattern, I found the fabric quite cheap in Nippori. The shorts are made with black cotton, leftover from my husband’s shorts.

We have three consecutive holidays this week, usually called Golden Week, so we’re planning to go hiking to the mountain area. I’m going to wear my new comfortable top!

ソーイングナチュリラ vol.4 Broken striped top

Black shorts Black shorts

Pattern is from ソーイングナチュリラ vol.4.

25 Responses to Broken striped top and black shorts

  1. Xe'Nia says:

    I absolutely love those pants. is there a website that have a similar pattern or something. Amazing job on outfit

  2. very very nice :) and you look cute wearing glasses.

  3. Naomi says:

    i can’t read japanese, so I want to try and make a top just like yours. :) is it a basic T shape, or are they just 2 rectangles with head holes? Thank you! I absolutely love your outfit!

  4. Yu Jin says:

    Nice! Thanks for your answer. :D I am quite afraid of knit fabric…stretching. It is hard to keep the fabric in place for cutting or sewing.

  5. Katie says:

    I love the detail around the bottom of the shorts! I admire your productivity as well…it’s hard for me to find time to sew!

    • verypurpleperson says:

      I know what you mean about finding time to sew! But this year my son is in third grade and spending more time in school = more time for me to sew! :D

  6. Missus D says:

    Love it! It’s so summer and I like the shorts with the elasticised waist. Now I can also be a glutton!

  7. janene says:

    Loving those shorts. Elasticated shorts/skirts etc look very unflattering on my post baby belly so a nice flat front is the perfect solution. I do admire your productivity!

  8. Trisha says:

    Love the new outfit! That shorts are great–they look tailored from the front, but comfy with the elastic in the back.

  9. Regine says:

    I make a similar striped top not long ago and upon seeing yours, im itchy to make a second one with red-stripes!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Very nice and summery! I love that striped fabric!

    • verypurpleperson says:

      Thank you Carolyn! It is very easy to sew, comfortable, and looks good! So perfect for instant gratification :)

  11. Yu Jin says:

    Really nice fabric choice!!! :D How did you finish the neck line? A bias?

    • verypurpleperson says:

      I use binding strips from the same fabric. The fabric is knit so it doesn’t have to be cut on bias :)

  12. lizajane says:

    I love your fabric choices.

  13. ivanchika says:

    Very cute, as you are!

  14. Belinda says:

    Oh I really like that broken stripe in the top. I have been making some simple tops here (but autumn/winter versions) however I have not seen a broken stripe like that in Australian fabric stores.

  15. Eva Marie says:

    comfortable & cute, love the lace detail.

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