Purple Tank

Purple tank
Purple tank

So many things happened in just two weeks. We didn’t have any blackout again since the last time, although the schedule for next blackout will still be  planned to roll until summer. Summer without aircon? I might need to take a vacation then!

This week is also the last week of school year, and Sidra missed the entire week because he is down with bad cold. It’s too bad that he didn’t have the chance to enjoy the last days in second grade, next month he will start third grade with new classmates. I hope he will get better soon.

I was feeling rather tense after all that has been happening, so last night I went to the sewing room and looked for a quick project to make myself feeling better. There was this purple cotton lawn originally intended for other project, but I decided to use it to make a simple tank top.

The pattern is Novita from Tamanegi Kobo, a favorite pattern that I’ve used to make this top and dress. The pattern is cut on bias, resulted in a soft and flowy top. I omitted the sleeves this time. As I’ve made the pattern twice before, it came up rather quickly. It is such a nice feeling to finally make something again!

Purple tank Purple tank

Pattern is Novita from Tamanegi Kobo.

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