Planning projects

Vogue 8787 and Vogue 1288
When I’m not sewing, I waste spend my time daydreaming about my next sewing projects. I have these flowy silk fabrics in my stash for a while and have been thinking what I would make them into. One is black with colorful bird print, the same print as this Marc Jacobs wrap dress, and the other has pinkish nude base with black heart print, the same as this Juicy Couture dress.

I didn’t want to make copies of those dresses though, instead I’m planning to use Vogue 8787 for the bird print and Vogue 1288 for the heart print, both are Vogue 2012 spring patterns. I’ve finished watching The Couture Dress videos from the Craftsy online class that I took, and the techniques can be used to make the Vogue 8787. Vogue 1288 is quite simpler, basically a basic one piece dress with overlay. Maybe I can make this without muslin and adjust the fitting along the way (lazy me!).

I have never sewn with slippery silk before, so I’ll be browsing first for tips and tricks. Here’s some helpful posts on CraftstylishSewaholic and Colette on sewing with silk. Will I be able to conquer silk? I’m so excited!

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