Novita dress

Novita dress

Novita dress Novita dress Novita dress

I made Novita again! But I didn’t want to make the  same thing and changed it into a dress by simply sewing a wide gathered strip of fabric on the hem. The strip of fabric follow the curved hem, so the front part of my dress is shorter than the back.

The fabric is Indonesian cotton with batik prints, the intricate pattern is a variation of Javanese traditional pattern called Parang Rusak (it means: broken sword). This pattern is laid diagonally across the cloth but since my dress is cut on bias, the diagonal pattern turned into sort of striped pattern.

Other than the addition of gathered skirt, I didn’t make any changes to the pattern. I really like this top pattern because it is so simple and easy, perfect for an instant gratification that I need these days. This summer has been a bit too hot that I can’t stay too long in my sewing room, even with windows opened and fan turned on. Ironing an open seam in a hot summer day is not really my idea of having a good time. I made this dress in less than an hour,  the gathered skirt was added the next day. After that I couldn’t stand being in the room any longer. I love my new summer dress but I also can’t wait for autumn!

Novita dress Novita dress

Pattern is Novita from Tamanegi Kobo.

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