Boy’s cropped jeans

The newest jeans that I made for Sidra. The fabric is leftover from my husband’s jeans, which happen to be just enough for a pair of cropped jeans. I hate throwing things away! The pattern is my usual self-drafted one, I think I’ve used it for 5-6 times with slight variations. I use red topstitching instead of burnt orange like in my husband’s jeans.

Boy Boy

Don’t worry about that peeping tom in white shirt, it’s just my husband (-_-)

Boy Boy

Sleepy-faced boy is going to school.

Boy Boy

Boy Boy

Sidra is crazy about skull and cross pattern now, so I put a little label on the back pocket.

Boy Boy

The pocket lining is some leftover striped linen fabric. I sewed a casing on the inside of the back waistband and put elastic in it. The elastic has several buttonholes to make it adjustable.

When I was sewing it yesterday, suddenly I got a pang of boredom about sewing pants and felt like, “Ooooh it’s so boring! There’s nothing new anymore.” Well, I’ve made several jeans and pants lately so maybe that was the cause. There was a big temptation to leave it unfinished but fortunately I managed to finish the pants! I’m glad it was finished because unfinished projects always make me feel guilty.

However, I think I should take a break from sewing pants for a while. On the other hand, I just ordered 2 yards of indigo denim to make another jeans for my husband. Maybe I can try installing rivets to make it feel like learning something new again.

Jeans pattern is self-drafted.

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  • I just looove this skull tag at the back 🙂

  • Very cute- I love the red detail stitching on the jeans!

  • Great jeans! I have been doing this too this week although I used a recyled adults pair of jeans for my sons version. You really get a sense of achievement making something out of nothing. You can see my version on my blog

  • He is such a huppy boy, he had so crafty mam:)))) He looks great in new jeans:)

  • I *love* that first photo. I think you should definitely enlarge it and maybe see how it looks in black and white instead of colour. It would be a cute photo to frame for Sidra.
    I like the jeans too. I haven’t attempted structured trousers yet; I’m still at the drawstring / elastic waist stage of learning to sew. Maybe someday soon!