Everybody is making a tie-front dress, so am I

Tie-front dress
The Mociun tie-front dress has been going around for a while, its easy and adorable design has inspired many crafters to make their own version. I still have heaps of fabrics that my mother gave me last summer, so I use one of them to make my own tie-front dress. There’s still many of those fabrics, and it seems that I will need some time to consume them all.

The shape of the dress is very simple, the idea with the tie-front is just brilliant. I’m sure that Caitlin Mociun is a genius. My version is looser than Mociun’s as I don’t like fitted dresses. The bodice has a couple of small darts on the side and the skirts are just big rectangles gathered on the top. Sounds like all of my dresses! I also made a couple of hidden pockets on the side seams.

The fabric is cotton batik, it’s amazingly comfortable and it smells so good. I wasn’t sure whether the colour and pattern will suit me, but when I put on the dress, I instantly fell in love with it! I wear my new glasses in the pictures. I’m short-sighted with -3.00 on each eye and I usually wear contact lenses. But last week I bought the glasses and really liked it, so I’ve been wearing it since then. I think it makes me look quirkier, no?

Tie-front dressTie-front dress
Tie-front dressTie-front dressTie-front dress

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