nani IRO lingerie set

nani IRO lingerie set nani IRO lingerie set

Unfortunately, no progress at all on my dresses sewing projects. I got sick for a week and then summer came in full force, melting my sewing mojo with the heat. So I’ve been spending the last few days lounging around in front of the fan. How do you get your sewing mojo back after a period of stagnation?

Anyway, I desperately want to sew something yesterday but cutting a dress seemed too much of work to do. In times like this, I always turn to sewing lingerie. It’s small, quick, with almost always cute result. Perfect for curing my sewing fatigue!

The fabric is double-gauze knit by nani IRO. Some of you might remember the fabric from this racerback dress that I made back in 2009. This is one of those things that is cute but somehow has never been worn often. In fact I think I’ve worn it about twice after I made it. So I cut the dress and made a lingerie set out of it.

The bra pattern is my usual Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230, size 30C. Since the knit fabric has lots of stretch, I lined the bridge and lower cup with powernet in nude color.

nani IRO lingerie set nani IRO lingerie set

Kwik Sew 2075
Kwik Sew 2075

The panties pattern is Kwik Sew 2075, out of print pattern bought in a recent sale in Kwik Sew site. I made view D, panty with high-cut legs in size S.

The dress was just enough for one bra and two panties set and I’m really happy with the results. The fabric is very soft and comfortable against the skin and of course the dots pattern is so cute!

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from ElingerieA, size 30C
Panties pattern is Kwik Sew 2075 (OOP), size S

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  • jul

    Beautiful set! I wish I could sew a nice set as yours for me. And the fabric is lovely! Do you think I could sew lingerie with just a sewing machine (no serger) ? Thanks!
    And oh! Bravo for your nice creations, and site design!

    • Of course you can! Serger is not a necessity for sewing lingerie. In fact, I made this set without using my serger at all. You only need a sewing machine who can do straight stitch, zigzag stitch and 3 step zigzag stitch (you can do without 3 step zigzag stitch but it is better to have it). I think most home sewing machine have these stitches. Good luck!

  • Jodie

    I love this set. It is soft, feminine and playful. Well done.

  • Bras and underwear are such a great sewing jump start. I find them the ultimate in sewing satisfaction since you can have a completed (and necessary) garment in a few hours. I also love that you recycled the fabric from an unused garment. Nice work!

  • That set is seriously so cute. I’ve got to start making my own underthings!

  • Avy

    That set is so cute, I’d totally wear it!


  • Dear Novita! Your underwear is always SO SO SOOOOOO beautiful! Two years ago, I bought patterns for a similar set but I never had the courage to make it. Seing this naniIro set (my favorite fabric that I praise so much on my blog) inspired me to cut a set of undies no longer then this week!

  • frances

    Hi Novita, I’ve been reading your blog for a while but this post brought me out of lurkdom 🙂 I have never seen anyone use nani IRO for underwear before and it looks amazing! I love seeing your projects. Your sewing is so precise, beautiful, and incredibly inspirational!

  • Amy

    This is too cute! I love the dots fabric–great idea to re-use it for this.

  • So lovely!! Your work is always so inspiring! That fabric is super-pretty 🙂

  • Really nice set and it’s well sewed 🙂

  • This set is so cute! I’m really glad you were able to make something out of a dress that you don’t really wear– I’m sure you’ll get lots of use out of these and feel great every time you wear them!

  • This is another cute indie set. I would love to able to make my own lingerie sets. I was wondering how supportive this pattern is as I know soft cups can sometimes be too restrictive. Not sure how best to put it. Also, how did you get into bra making, I’m curious. 🙂

    • This is my post about the first set that I made last year. I’d been wanting to learn making my own lingerie, so I read some blogs – there’s a lot of tutorials out there-, followed the links and bought a pattern, the Pin-Up Girls #1230. It all started from there 🙂

  • barbara

    i admire the undie set and would like to try one myself. i wear a size 38G bra and as you might imagine they all look like the brooklyn bridge. i checked out the site that you linked and although some of the images do not enlarge, still there is one that would fit with a bit of tweaking and i plan to order, with the help of a dollar conversion chart. i will ask for english. my question is where to buy the power net and fittings? do you order on the web or do you have a store that you shop at (preferable, of course)?

    • Hi Barbara, I usually bought the notions from eLingeria (where I bought the Pin-Up Girls pattern) or Merckwaerdigh (ebay or etsy)