Red plaid set (Merckwaerdigh MIX30)

Red plaid set Red plaid set

Merckwaerdigh MIX30

A lingerie set with plaid lycra and black stretch lace. The plaid lycra is from elingeria closing down sale a few months ago. I’m still sad that they are closed! The stretch lace and lingerie notions are from Merckwaerdigh ebay store.

The pattern is Merckwaerdigh MIX30, I have used the panties pattern numerous times. The bra pattern was also used a couple of times before but this time was in the right size. I started with size 30D and shortened the band slightly to make it size 28E.

This is the only alteration I did on this pattern. I found out that with Merckwaerdigh patterns, I don’t have to narrow the bridge like in Pin-up Girls pattern.

I stitched transparent elastic along the edge of the upper cup using 3 step zigzag stitches. Initially I tried to use narrow cup elastic but the sewing machine kept ‘eating’ them. Then the upper cup was sandwiched between the lower cup and the cup lining so the seams are enclosed inside. The bridge is also lined with non-stretch lining.

Red plaid set Red plaid set

I also played with the straps a bit, using double spaghetti straps instead of the usual wide one. They are not as comfortable as ordinary straps but not really bothering me. I think the straps look kinda nice worn under slightly transparent top.

Red plaid set Red plaid set

Red plaid set Red plaid set

Red plaid set Red plaid set
Red plaid set
Red plaid set
Pattern is Merckwaerdigh MIX30, bra size 30D altered to 28E, panties size S.

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  • Love what you do! I’m still at fitting my first bra. I noticed that the bras you’ve done with the Merckwaerdigh MIX30 pattern had stretch lace for their band. No power net or other firm stretchy material? Does stretch lace for the band (and no other lining or such) only work with this pattern, or could you have done the same with any other pattern like the one from the Pin up girls for instance?

    • My bra size is relatively small so I think using stretch lace without lining is fine. It will just get stretched out faster than power net band. It also depends on the stretchiness of the lace, the black lace I used here is quite sturdy. But larger size bra might need sturdier band than just stretch lace.
      You can use the lace band for other patterns like Pin-Up Girls and vice versa. Right now I’m making a Merckwaerdigh bra with Pin-Up Girls band, slightly altered. I find that the Pin-Up Girls band gives better support.
      Good luck!

  • This is absolutely lovely! I really like the plaid fabric, and the double spaghetti straps are so pretty.

  • Amy

    This is great! It’s funny but I have been falling in love with plaids and trying to think about what to make with them. I never thought to try lingerie but now it sounds pretty cool! It took me awhile to get used to wearing double spaghetti straps but now I kind of like them.

    • I like them too! Somehow the double spaghetti straps makes me feeling pretty! 😛

  • I love it! Lingerie sewing is on my “to-learn” list (or better: on my “get-the-confidence-to-try-it” list) and you are a great inspiration for this.

  • Really beautiful! So many aspects that are really lovely. I have a few of Merckwaerdigh’s patterns, and feel really motivated after seeing what you’ve made here.

  • Maaike

    Totally cute lingerie set! You are so talented. I’m scared to try sewing lingerie, it looks very finicky and difficult, but your creations are so darling that I just might attempt it anyway. By the way, where did you get that dress form? It’s very nice and seems to really be your double.

    • Thank you! Sewing lingerie is not as difficult as it may seem. The fitting part that is kinda difficult, but once you found the best fit, you can use it over and over again.
      The dress form is just some cheap one (less than USD 50) I bought from online Japanese store. I wish I looked like that! It’s a bit smaller than me, I have to stuff the breast for these bra. Maybe I will pad it to make it my size 🙂

  • I love those straps! They’ll definitely look better than normal ones if they show through. 🙂

  • Wicked cute! You are very talented.

  • another great set! everytime you post new lingerie, it inspires me to get sewing my own… slowly building up some confidence. love the skinny straps!

  • Nice!!!!! And yes, the patterns of Merckwaerdigh are great..
    The ” mix 25 ” I can recommend you to

    • Thank you so much! I just checked out your blog, you make awesome lingerie!

  • I love, love, love your lingerie set, actually all your lingerie is super nice. Thanks for all the photos, I think I’m getting closer to being confident about embarking on my own first set *nervous*. You are super inspiring.

  • I can’t even express how impressed I am with your lingerie sewing abilities! Incredible work! And I LOVE your skinny strap idea. Gorgeous.