Here Kitty Kitty set

When you came across a roll of lycra fabric with feline faces all over it, there’s two things that you can do: dismissed it immediately as tacky and moved on to another fabric; or mesmerized by those little eyes staring at you and suddenly found yourself paying for the fabric. I was the latter.

Then I turned it into a bra and panty set. An awesome bra and panty set, that is.

The bra pattern is my usual Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 size 30D altered to 26F. You can see that the shape of the cups is a bit different because I’ve changed them into demi-cups style.

It was quite an easy alteration where I took out some of the height from the upper cups. My usual wires were too long for this style of cups, so I chopped them off a bit at the center part, sanded them smooth and wrapped them with plumber’s tape to prevent the sharp bits from cutting the fabric.

For further reading, I suggest to read Amy’s post: Hack Your Bra #1 that explains how to do several types of alterations including making demi-cups style.

Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set

Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set

The cups were lined to reduce the stretchiness of the lycra and the side seams are reinforced with plastic boning. Instead of lycra, I used black powernet for the bra band. I followed Amy’s tutorial on adjusting the length of bra band for different fabrics with great result. Amy, what would I do without you?!! Thank you so much!
Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set Here Kitty Kitty lingerie set

Merckwaerdigh E-STRAP4

The panties pattern is actually the bottom part of bodysuit from Merckwaerdigh Strap4. I cut them on the waist mark and lowered it 5 cm further. The back part is shiny black mesh fabric. I still have a lot lycra leftover that I planned to make into a longline bra, unfortunately I ran out of black elastics! I have never found plush elastic here in Japan and usually order them from  Merckwaerdigh or eLingeria, so my cats have to wait for several weeks now. Bummer.

Anyway I’m happy with this set. They are quite ridiculous and maybe a bit creepy with all those little eyes staring, but I love them! Expect the kitties to come back to this blog once I get hold of another batch of black elastics!

Bra pattern is Pin-up Girls Classic Bra #1230 from eLingeria, size 30D altered to 26F.
Panties patttern is lower part of bodysuit from Merckwaerdigh Strap4.


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