KCWC: Khaki pants

Khaki pants Khaki pants

Khaki pants Khaki pants

Ripped and old pants
Ripped pants

My last project for KCWC 2011!  These pictures were taken today, but actually I’ve finished the pants a couple of days ago. It is again a recycle project, a pair of pants made with my husband’s old and ripped pants. My husband has several pants that were ripped in the most unfortunate places hence he can’t wear them again. Which remind me that I need to finish my husband’s jeans quicker!

Anyway, the pattern for these pants is the same as Sidra’s jeans that I drafted sometime ago. I lowered the crotch slightly, widen the leg and cropped the length to make them ready for summer. I washed it afterwards, and they came out with added bluish color! I used the washing machine to wash denim fabric for my husband’s jeans and apparently the blue color stayed in the machine and stained Sidra’s pants. Well, I guess I will pretend that the color is part of the design (-_-)

Thank you Meg for this wonderful sew-along! I really had fun this week!


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