Shop update and my progress on the Burdastyle Book project

Shop update

I’ve just finished putting all my stuff in the shop! Please check it out and if you’re a petite, there might be something for you there!

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Burdastyle Book fabric

You see that stripes fabric on the picture? The colors remind me of peanut butter and strawberry jam! The fabric is shantung silk that Burdastyle sent me for the Burdastyle Book project. It’s a bit different from what I have in mind, but I think the texture and colours are very pretty. I’ve never worked with this kind of fabric, so I kinda feel excited and nervous at the same time.

Now that I have the fabrics, thread, and pattern, all I have to do is start working on my blouse! But I’ve been slacking around these last couple of days, doing nothing but browsing on pretty sites. I need to pull myself together now and start. Maybe today I will… print the pattern. Then I can get some rest after that with the feeling that I have made a progress in my project!

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  • i’m doing a blouse too!

    i love the crocodile on your new pretty couch ๐Ÿ™‚

    • verypurpleperson

      I guess we have the same pattern then! Can’t wait to see your variation on it!

  • These look amazing! I’d have definitely bought something if I had been there!

  • Lovely fabric! Next week I’m starting work on a burdastyle dress. I haven’t used burdastyle patterns before, but I’ve used burda mag patterns. Hope it goes well haha!

  • Sabrina

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see your work for the Burda book!

  • Ohh! Love your items! I can’t wait to see your book! =)

  • I am in total envy of your fabric, so so pretty! What I received for my project was also very different from what I expected. I too am getting to a slow start on my project, I think I will follow you and get my pattern printed and cut by tomorrow!

  • I’m so excited to see your work on the Burda book.
    Lots of success!!!

  • Cute items! Ooo.. the strawberry jam and peanut butter fabric looks very pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚