Green Bathing Suit

Green Bathing suit Green Bathing suit

Green Bathing suit
Green Bathing suit

So one day I thought that I should try making my own swimsuit. I can’t swim (seriously!), but I do enjoy playing in water and having some good time at the beach. All I have is a set of bikini I bought several years ago and maybe that is more than enough.

But making swimsuit was something that I had never tried and I love to learn new things. Alison is a vintage style bathing suit from Burdastyle, I love how it is one piece but still accentuate all the necessary curves without being too revealing. It is also free, perfect for first project.

A lot of Burdastyle members has warned that Alison is lacking of  helpful instructions. There are only 6 steps in the instructions. The pattern is in 3 sizes but they are all in the same black lines, making cutting the pattern a bit difficult because you tend to forget which lines to follow. There is also no marking lines or points in the pattern. I browsed through a lot of other Alison projects to learn before actually sewing it.

I went to my favorite local fabric store near my house that sell dead stocks fabrics in cheap prices, hoping to find some jersey for my muslin. Instead I found this green swimwear fabric that is less than 10 USD for 2.5 m! I only need 1 yard for the bathing suit, so there would be lots of spare fabrics if I make some mistakes.

Janome Equle CP 4850 stitches
Janome Equle CP 4850 stitches

I mainly use stretch stitch for sewing this bathing suit. You can see it in this picture, stitch no. 6 that looks like lightning. I had expected to find difficulties sewing swimwear fabric, but my Janome had absolutely no trouble.

The breast insert end up too big for my taste, making voluminous gathers on my chest. So I unpicked it (unpicking stretch stitches from swimwear fabric is not really fun!), and cut 5 cm off the length. I made the neck strap longer so it can be tied. My fabric is quite thick and don’t need lining. I also didn’t use bra cups since I don’t like it.

The instruction didn’t mention anything about finishing the legs, so I use elastics. Several member’s projects show additional leg band, which is also a great idea. Since I didn’t have swimsuit elastic, I only use ordinary elastic for the leg. It was attached using zigzag stitch first, then turned in and sewed down again with 3 step zigzag stitch, a method that I learned from sewing lingerie.

Green Bathing suit

The end result is something! I think it looks quite good (my husband said it looks really good!). I was planning to buy some real swimwear fabric after this muslin, but I think I might cancel the plan. This ‘muslin’ is good enough and I don’t need that many swimsuits. Maybe I would buy some swimwear lining for the crotch (I use ordinary jersey from old T-shirt) and swimwear elastic and fix them later.

If you’re planning to make this beautiful bathing suit, I recommend to check out the two links at the end of this post on step-by-step tutorial for sewing Alison by Burdastyle members. I found the links after checking almost all the Alisons in Burdastyle during my ‘research’.

Anyway, I still trying to find out what I’m going to do with 1.5 m leftover of this fabric. My husband and Sidra absolutely refused the idea of matching green swimming trunks!

Pattern is Alison from Burdastyle (Free PDF pattern)

Helpful links:
The Curaçao Swimsuit (review and step-by-step tutorial) at Kitty Couture
The Alison- Bathing suit at My Heart’s Debacle

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  • Thanks for the linkage! Your suit looks amazing (great photos!). I was trying to still post with out a camera. I’m glad my instructions were helpful.

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you for the instructions! The Burda instructions were quite confusing so I was glad to find yours! 🙂

  • I love reading your blog and this one is so great I just had to join the chorus telling you so. Lovely work!

  • Erika

    This is probably the best fitting Alison I’ve seen, great job! I think it was a good decision to unpick the breast insert and take out some length, it’s usually the part with most fit issues.

  • You look fabulous 🙂 Do you work out a lot?

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! Unfortunately my only work out is sewing (^_^;)

  • wow!! it’s sooo good, and you look great too!! loving the new sewing challenges you are bringing up! xoxo

  • Your husband is right, it’s really good, and you look gorgeous. I love the colour!

  • Swit swoo! You look fantastic! I love that fabric, and the design really suits you. It’s so inspiring.

  • This swimsuit is darling. You are making me seriously reconsider my devotion to bikinis! (And I do LOVE bikinis!)

  • This is beautiful! Great job! Swimsuit fabric has always intimadated (sorry, I can’t spell that word at the moment!)me. I’ll have to try it one day soon. This is just so cute!

  • a big wow! this is really something. thumbs up big time.
    would you do a swim suit sew along? cos i’d follow! 🙂

  • Kae

    hi! this looks AMAAAAAZING! you always impress me, but for this…impressed is an understatement! you go girl!!

  • Marilyn

    Oh my GOSH….Novita!! That bathing suit looks fantastic on you!! YOU look so gorgeous in anything and everything you make!! I have to give it a try! WOW!!!!!!!!

  • wow, that really is something, looks so fabulous!

  • Kimmoy

    Great job! The suit looks fabulous on you! What kind of stitch can you use if you don’t have stretch stitch? My machine is very basic. I say you should do a swimsuit sew along 😉

    • verypurpleperson

      I think you can use zigzag stitch set on small width and longer stitch. But experiment first on scrap of fabric to see how it stretches and also when it’s wet 🙂

  • I know the focus is on the swimsuit (nice project) but… I love your shoes!!! 🙂 Have a nice day!

    • verypurpleperson

      Thank you! They’re Melissa plastic shoes, I agree that they’re very cute! 🙂

  • Your swimsuit is AMAZING! Green is my fave color and you look great in it! I still don’t have the guts to attempt a swimsuit but I have two swim fabrics which were on sale in my stash haha:P Someday hopefully!

    • verypurpleperson

      You should try making this! With your skill, I’m sure you will have no problem. Working with swimwear fabrics has its advantages, you don’t have to press the allowance every time! 😀

  • You look fantastic in that bathing suit and the red hat is perfect. Thanks for the tips for sewing a bathing suit.. they may be needed one day 🙂

  • Megan

    Wow, wow, wow!!! Holy couture goddess gorgeous supersexy swimsuit! You look just phenomenal in it – cut, color, shape…everything! Yowza, mama! Way to go!

  • Hello – you’ve turned all foxy on us!
    Great job on the swimsuit, and the colour is fabulous on you 🙂

  • This looks so nice on you. Great job!

  • That looks so nice on you. Great job!

  • This looks fantastic, I’m so impressed! The Alison pattern seems really versatile too, I guess you can always adapt it into a top or a dress as well?

    • verypurpleperson

      Yes it is very easy to adapt it. You can just cut above the crotch area and lengthen it. I think it will look great as ankle-length flowy dress 🙂