Selfish Sewing Week – Rose hip tights

Rose hip tights Rose hip tights

Are you sewing along the Selfish Sewing Week Spring 2014? I’m lucky to have the chance to make one of the featured pattern, the Rose hip tights from Seamster Patterns. I think it is perfect pattern because it is something that can be worn by one person only! Unless you don’t mind sharing your tights with your friends….

This pattern has a separate piece for the foot which curves into a triangle at the back of the heel. And it has back seams just like those vintage tights! It has three different options: high rise, low rise, and thigh high.

The pattern is very clever. When I finished taping the pattern, I had no idea how these strange shapes can turn into a pair of tights. But they eventually did. I made several unsuccesful muslins beforehand because my fabric have different stretch factor than the one suggested by the pattern. Eventually I was successful after I tried using fabric with the suggested stretch factor. Duh. Lesson to learn: the patternmaker knows better than you.

EDIT: I’ve had some people asked me about the fabric. These are nylon fabric, the kind usually used for pantyhose. So basically this fabric is designed for this purpose! I bought them in Okadaya store, Shinjuku.

Rose hip tights Rose hip tights

Rose hip tights Rose hip tights

If you’re not like me and use the suggested fabric, it is quite a quick pattern to make. These were made completely on overlocker using three thread setting and narrow stitch. I used black threads on three of them so I didn’t have to deal with changing thread mid-sewing.

I made two high-waisted pairs and a pair of tigh high tights. My favorite is the beige one with black feet! All the features are accented in these ones. The black tights are more subdued but I like that when you look closer, you will see that they are different than store-bought tights. The thigh high tights are fun but I think I need to wear a garter belt with then. More things to sew then!

Rose hip tights Rose hip tights

Rose hip tights Rose hip tights
Pattern is Rose Hip Tights size XS.

Click to see all the featured patterns and featured stitchers (and a giveaway!). Selfish Sewing Week is also in Kollabora.


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  • Wow! those are super cool!!

  • Amy

    Wow, these are really cool! Such a clever and unique design. I really dig them with those grey wedges in the photo–hot!

  • Whoa Novita, I didn’t even know you could sew tights! What you did is spectacular. Really! Congratulations!

  • WOW. These are spectacular!

  • You’ve sold me on this pattern! The lime green version featured wasn’t doing it for me, but I love yours! Especially the color blocked one so it looks like you have black socks on.

    • Also – really love your shoes!

  • I’ve been thinking about this pattern all night after reading your blog yesterday, I think I might have to get it. I love tights but ruin mine all the time by riding my bike to work (I always snag them at traffic lights as I get on and off the saddle). But if I could make my own I’d be able to make as many as I need!

  • Gina

    What kind of fabric did you end up using?

    • I use nylon fabric. It is the similar kind as the ones usually used for pantyhose.

  • Love them all! I’ve been holding off on this pattern, thinking I should make tights in the fall instead of now. I’d say every day this week, I’ve wondered why I don’t have them yet. I may just have to get stared after seeing yours 🙂

  • Wow! It would never have occurred to me that you could sew your own tights! I can’t stand to go bare-legged in the winter and I hardly ever wear pants, so I am forever wearing through pairs of tights and can’t afford to buy new ones all the time. If I ever get a serger I will definitely try this pattern!

    • You don’t need a serger to sew this pattern! I sewed most of mine on a regular sewing machine with a zig zag stitch.

      • I only have straight stitch. It is really very sad, I can never join in on the knit fun.

  • Wow! These are so beautiful and look very expensive! What lovely workmanship!

  • simply amazing. that’s all. maybe a whoa!!! too 🙂 i love them!

  • Wow! Wow! Wow! This is something I would have never attempted not have I see your beautifully executed tights! How many times did I fall into the trap of wrong fabric choice! So, yeah, the pattern maker know better!

  • I love them! They look so great on you! Thanks for sticking with the pattern!

  • I’m in awe. I’ve never commented before but I visit your site regularly to trawl through the lingerie photos, and between you and Tasia at Sewaholic I finally took the leap and made a bra this week. But tights? I didn’t even know this was possible. So cool! The black-footed ones are fabulous. They have an old-world elegance to them.

    • Hi Melanie! Glad to hear that you have made the leap. It will be an adventurous journey! And if you can make a pair of bra, you definitely can make these tights! 🙂