Yoga wear Yoga wear
I have started to go to a yoga class several months ago, in addition to daily exercise at home. After seeing Gingermakes’ post about her yoga leggings, I got very inspired to make my own! I considered using Fehr Trade Steeplechase Leggings pattern like her, but at the end I chose Ooh La Leggings by Papercut Patterns. The reason was because I’ve used Papercut Patterns several times before with good result.

I had no idea about what kind of fabric that I should use, so I picked this black soft ponte knit at the store.  The content is 73% polyester, 21% rayon, and 6% polyurethane. Sounds good I suppose. I read in several blogs that the waist is quite high on this pattern, so I shortened the hip about 1 cm. Other alteration is shortening the hem for my petite figure as usual. I cut the knee-length version in size XS.
Yoga wear Yoga wear

When started making it, I got the idea of inserting a red band for details on the hip seam on the side. The band is just a strip of folded red lycra fabric inserted between the seams. I think I kinda like the effect! Sorry for the pictures of my butt.
Yoga wear Yoga wear

You might recognize the fabric for the top from my previous post. This time I used another Burdastyle pattern, Chill dress that I cut as top. It is a very easy pattern with only two pattern pieces plus neck bindings. The sleeves are finished by folding the hem inside.

The armholes are quite big and I see that some people modified the pattern so the armholes are smaller. In my personal opinion, the big armholes are part of the charm. I just wear a sports bra underneath and I think they look fine. In fact I really like this pattern that I made another top in orange jersey. Next time I’ll make the dress version.

Yoga wear Yoga wear

I really, really like the leggings! I feared that they might ripped apart but they have survived several visits to my yoga class. They hug the body quite well, and the seamlines add some interesting details. The knee-length are perfect for warmer weather!

Yoga wear Yoga wear

Top pattern is Burdastyle Chill dress (cut as top), size 38 printed at 92%.
Leggings pattern is Ooh La Leggings by Papercut Patterns, size XS.

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  • Great leggings, love the piping. I was also inspired by Sonja’s leggings! I’m still thinking about them (is that weird?) How different fabric can look in two different garments! The tank top makes it look more structured and these tops make it look more drapey!

  • I love these! They’re so cool!

  • Thewallinna

    These leggings are so cool! I find the pattern are super easy and enjoyable to work with: that’s what one needs when working with a new type of sewing. Now when I saw your cool piping, I want to make another pair!

  • Hannairina

    I’ve been kinda waiting for someone to convince me to try this leggings pattern. I’ve made my own yoga pants ever since I started to do yoga, and have been using a self-drafted (based on a tutorial I found on Etsy blog) pattern for the past few years, but lately I’ve been a bit bored of using the same basic pattern over and over. This seems to have more room for variations.

    Did you use sewing machine or serger to make the leggings? The seams look really neat!

    • I agree that the seamlines are very interesting! They’re quite comfortable too.
      I used serger except for the topstitching around the red band. The waistband and leg are also finished on sewing machine using zigzag stitches.

  • I love your yoga wear! I started going to a bikram studio six months ago, or so, and have been slowly figuring out what I like to wear for it. Stores don’t seem to have it, so it’s time to make my own!

  • I think you’ve sold me on this leggings pattern! Funny enough, it was the bum pic that did it haha. I really like the seamlines there. I’ll have to add it to my “to sew” list

  • I love the whole outfit! Especially the leggings! They look so flattering on you!

  • Marilyn

    Great Yoga outfit, I really like the red piping on the leggings! I might have to try this pattern! Your yoga looks pretty impressive too!!

    • I bought the PDF pattern because I’m always so impatient waiting for the shipping!

      • Marilyn

        Thank you! I ordered the pattern and going to give it a try!! You look Great Novita!!

  • sallieforrer

    Awesome! These look like great work out gear, and the fabric sounds good too. I’ve always struggled with finding a good fabric content for workout wear – I can never remember what’s good for moisture wicking…? Nylon? Polyester?? I also love the little red piping! It’s really flattering!

  • Louise

    Very nice like the cut of the leggings . Your yoga looks impressive too☺