Black strappy bra

Strappy set
I got intrigued by all those strappy bras that seem to pop up everywhere. They don’t look too comfortable, but they sure look good. Having made all my own lingerie all this time, naturally I would love to make one myself. A custom made strappy bra for myself!
Strappy set Strappy set

My version is based on Merckwaerdigh PBH30, af frameless push-up bra pattern. It is actually quite simple to make, the cups are made with stretch lace and the rest is lots of straps. It is quite funny how the bra only needs very little scraps of stretch lace.

To decide the length of the straps, I use the bridge and band pattern pieces as guide. The Y-shaped straps on the front are added last. After attaching the hook and eye and shpulder straps, I put on the bra to decide the length of the Y-shaped straps. Store bought bras often have sliders in this area, but I just made mine without sliders. This part can be easily diassembled and readjusted.
Strappy set

The thong pattern Is Ghia by Ohh Lulu in size S. I used stretch mesh fabric for the center front and back and stretch lace on the sides. I couldnt find plush elastics here in Japan, but I found this soft elastic with one good side. I attached it on the wrong side first and then folded it to the right side. Basically the inverse of plush elasic application.

Strappy set

As I have imagined, the bra is not very comfortable, but surprisingly not THAT uncomfortable. I don’t think I will make another though. I mean, one strappy bra is enough for all your needs isn’t it?

Now what I need to know is how do you wear a strappy bra? Do you just keep it as a pretty secret underneath your clothes or do you wear it with certain outfit that can show it off?

Strappy setBra pattern is Merckwaerdigh PBH30 size 30E.
Thong pattern is Ohh Lulu 1308 Gia (PDF) size S.

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  • Charl Lane Elias

    Beautifully done!!! I have a couple of Dita Von Teese strappy bras that I love, but after seeing your post I will have to make one myself. I personally like them peeking over a dress v-neckline, or under a sheer top…

  • Rouge Pistache

    Love all your lingerie creations!
    I am new in sewing lingerie and i am wandering where did you buy your laces and all bra supplies?
    (sorry for my bad english :'( i’m french)

    • Hi Rouge, for this strappy bra I bought all the supplies locally in Tokyo.
      Sometimes I get lace and bra supplies form etsy and ebay stores. Here is a list of bramaking supplies by Amy at Cloth Habit.
      Hope that helps!

  • Very, Very cool. You’re totally right – they really are quite awesome to gaze upon. Ever so slightly less so in terms of their practicality 😉

  • Girl, you are just #slayallday with your awesome lingerie creations! Seriously!

  • Anne-Marie

    Your bra making skills are very impressive. I think I read all posting about lingerie on your blog. I love your work.

  • This really turned out beautifully! I could see wearing it under an ever-so-slightly sheer black top, or a lower-cut jersey tank dress? Or maybe a top that has a sheer back?

  • Wow!! What a gorgeous bra!!!!!

  • sallieforrer

    This is, dare I say it, so sexy!! Yowza!! The bra is truly stunning just as a showpiece, but I really love the thong as that sort of cheeky cut happens to be one of my favorites! I’ll definitely be looking into that Ohh Lulu pattern! Thanks Novita, and as always – beautiful work!

    • It is my favorite panties pattern at the moment. I’m planning to make several more in neutral color jersey for daily wear 🙂

  • Diana van Nuland

    Love your bra and thong. Realy like strappy bra’s. Your version is so nice with the delicate lace.
    I’m following lingeriepattern courses by Merckwaerdigh. If you like, I have also a blog, mostly about making my own lingerie.

    • I wish I can take lingerie pattern course as well, can’t find such thing here in Japan.
      Love your blog! I used google translate to read it 🙂

      • Diana van Nuland

        Thank you.
        I scan my homework and mail it to Merckwaerdigh 😀

  • Houseof Philo

    Wow! I’m visiting your sewing blog for the very first time and I’m really impressed by your self-made bras. I never tried to sew one, but I’m thrilled. This one looks very sexy and unique! Congratulations! Bye, Philo

    • Thank you Philo! 🙂

  • Beckyjopdx

    Hot damn! This is on fire! I see these lingerie posts and usually they’re cute and all, but this is an inspiration. Hot damn!

  • Monserratt Lopez

    Wow Novita!
    This is definitely a sexy bra!
    Looks pretty great! 🙂

  • ALittleTalent

    The fit on that bra looks amazing! I may be tempted to make my own lingerie now 🙂

  • Martine Zoeteman

    Love your blog! Do you know these strappy bras are a trademark of the Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers?

    • I know about Marlies Dekkers but I didn’t know avout the trademark! Learn new thing everyday… 🙂

  • Deb

    This might actually tempt me to make a bra for my DD girls. It is stunning, congrats. You must feel absolutely gorgeous in this 😘