Hello! I just got interviewed by Sarah Von from yes and yes for her Real Life Style Icons series. You can check out the interview here where I answered her questions about my style. I don’t know about being an icon style though, everyday I still get confused over what to wear and usually end up by wearing the same item over and over again.

yes and yes Real Life Style Icons
Real Life Style Icons

While you’re at her blog, you should check out her other posts too. Her blog features all these wonderful series and stories about women and their lifestyle. It’s not a craft blog, fashion blog, beauty blog, nor like any other blog I’ve ever read! So thank you Sarah for interviewing me and introducing me to your cool site!

And do you remember my (failed) green Tara dress? Apparently Kathleen from Grosgrain Fabulous likes it! She has this fabulous sewing project where she would show how to sew the Tara dress in a week in her Frock by Friday project. You can join the project too here. I think it’s a wonderful idea because people can learn sewing the dress at the same pace, and then it’s very interesting to see all the interpretation of the same pattern.

Grosgrain Frock by Friday™ The Tara Dress
Grosgrain Frock by Friday™

And flickr pool. Make sure that the garments is made this month from June 1-June 30.

Make It, Wear It! Inspiration « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog
Make It, Wear It! Inspiration « Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog

Now enough with these shameless plugs. I’m sort of a busy bee this week, preparing stuff for the Artist market in Yokohama with Chie of VivatVeritas and Kayo from Crochetie. The market is from July 2-5 next month, so we still have about two weeks. But I feel like I don’t work as fast as I have to. I always try to finish a dress in the same day, because I get impatient if the dress needs more than one day to finish. I sew when Sidra is in school, and usually I can finish two dresses by the time he comes home.

But I get bored if I have to sew everyday, so I only sew 3 days a week. Maybe I should try work harder, but ooh I need time to check my facebook or twitter and there are so many interesting blogs to read, and I want to take a nap in the afternoon, or I want to go biking or play boxes with Sidra. I’m so lazy -.-

Short hair, 2005

These last few days are starting to get pretty hot too, so I’ve been wandering around the house in a sleeveless dress, messy hair bun, with slippery eyeglass on my face. So much for a style icon! It makes me miss my short hair. I used to sport a very short hairstyle sometime ago, and only let it grow longer this past two years.But my hair is Sidra’s property, he loves playing with it before bedtime, and he gets very mad even when I mention about trimming the ends.

I guess I should just wait until he gets weaned off my hair. Here’s me and my baby 5 years ago, still my baby now!

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