Junior high school boy!

Junior high school boy!
Junior high school boy!

Sidra has started junior high school this week! Yesterday was the entrance ceremony at his school.

The junior high school is actually right across his elementary school, and most of his friends go there, so there is not much difference than the elementary school days. But still, he looked so different and mature in uniform than he was before.

After the ceremony, we went back to a spot near the school where we took a picture 6 years ago after the elementary school entrance ceremony.

Several elementary school kids stopped by to watch us taking pictures with tripod and timer under the light rain. Everyone else took pictures in front of the school gate but we went to this spot beside the street, these kids probably thought about how weird these foreigners were.

I asked Sidra once, “Everytime Papa and I go to school, why are the kids staring at us and whispering to each other?

Sidra said, “Because you are foreigners!”

“But you are a foreigner too!”

“Yeah, but they see me as a Japanese now.”

Apparently, Sidra is a Japanese kid with foreigner parents (^_^”)

Elementary school entrance ceremony 2009 Junior high school entrance ceremony day 2015

Thank you for all the replies on my previous post about Japanese school uniform. I’m happy that many people also find it interesting. Several people asked me about the care and cost of the uniform, so I will break it down here witn approximation in USD.

  • – School jacket – 50% wool, 50% polyester: ¥21,600 / USD180
  • – School pants for winter – 50% wool, 50% polyester: ¥10,150 / USD85
  • – School pants for summer – 95% polyester, 5% cotton: ¥5,620 / USD47.
  • – Long sleeved white shirt: ¥1940 / USD 16
  • – Short sleeved white shirt for summer: ¥1830 / USD15
  • – Belt: ¥1580 / USD13
  • – White socks (3 pairs): ¥1080 / USD9
  • – Inside slippers – to be used all day inside school: about ¥1080 / USD9
  • – Inside sports shoes – to be used during sports class in the hall: about ¥2,800 / USD23
  • – Sports uniform – this includes short sleeved T-shirt and shorts, long sleeved top and track pants: about ¥14,000 / USD117
  • TOTAL: ¥61,680 / USD515

The cost for uniform jacket for girls is slightly lower than the boys, but the skirt costs higher than the pants, so the total cost is more or less the same. I don’t know much about second hand uniform, although I’m sure people can find one to buy. When my husband and I went to the junior high school for the school explanation, there was a hanging rack with several second hand uniform in sale with very cheap price.

The uniform is washable, and actually they are pretty durable. I’ve asked a friend about it, and she said that she washes the uniform by putting them into laundry net bag and use the soft setting on the washing machine. She washes the uniform only on weekends. Sometimes the uniform gets too dirty on weekdays, then it can be washed at night and it will be dry in the morning. She said that she doesn’t have to be extra careful about taking care of the uniform. Her son also uses the same pair of pants for both winter and summer. I’ve seen that his son has spent the entire three years using the same uniform, so I think Sidra’s uniform will be fine.

In addition to the uniform and all the regulated items above, we still have to buy a school bag and a pair of sneakers to be worn during the walk to and from school and outside sports class. The bag and sneakers can be in any color, but we bought both in black for Sidra because well… it looks good with his uniform, isn’t it?

I guess that’s about all that a Japanese high school student needs, besides books and stationery items. Hopefully Sidra will experience a happy three years in these uniform!

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