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Junior high school boy!

Sidra has started junior high school this week! Yesterday was the entrance ceremony at his school. The junior high school is actually right across his elementary school, and most of his friends go there, so there is not much difference than the elementary school days. But still, he looked so different and mature in uniform than he was before. After the ceremony, we went back to a spot near the school where we took a picture 6 years ago after the elementary school entrance ceremony. Several elementary school kids stopped by to watch us taking pictures with tripod and timer […]

Japanese junior high school uniform – with user’s manual

Sidra is entering junior high school next month, and this is the uniform that he will be wearing for the next three years. No, I didn’t make this, but it is a very interesting uniform so I want to post about it. I think every parent with a growing child understand how difficult it is to find a good fitting clothes for their child. A good fitting outfit is nice to look at, but sadly can only be worn for several months or maybe a year. Then people usually buy or make clothes that several sizes too big to prolong the wearing life, which unfortunately don’t […]