A wedding in Saturday

Saturday wedding Saturday wedding

Sidra’s father got married last weekend. We weren’t able to come due to several reasons, but Sidra’s father came up with this wonderful idea to ask someone (which is his brother) to hold an iPhone during the wedding ceremony so the three of us could view it live via Skype! Yay for technology!

Several minutes before the ceremony, Sidra came to me and asked for the outfit that he wore on my wedding. Well, of course he couldn’t wear them again, it was 4 years ago! Fortunately he didn’t mind wearing something else. He was quite excited to see his father and his stepmother-to-be on screen. But just like other kids, he got bored after several minutes. “Why are the people talking so much? How long it is going to take?” etc. The good thing with attending a wedding online is you can lie down or do something else (like rolling around on the floor – Sidra did this) when you got bored.

Anyway it was a beautiful Saturday wedding. Both the bride and groom looked so radiant and happy. I wish Sidra’s father and his loveliest bride the best things in life and a lifetime of happiness. Maybe someday we can take a family picture together, Sidra and his double set of parents. I think that would be nice.

Saturday wedding

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  • Marilyn

    What a great idea and so nice to have a big family!!!

  • How lovely to have a happy blended family.
    My Colombian girlfriend just got married here in Brisbane (Australia) and she had skype on the whole time so her family and the grooms family could “be there” too. How wonderful for uses for technology.

  • My grandmother couldn’t make it to my wedding. My uncle called her during the speeches and held up the phone so she could hear. It was so nice to feel like she got to experience even a small part of it!

  • Technology can be the devil or a blessing. I’m glad that in this case, it was a blessing!

  • What a nice family you are!! I think it would be wonderful for Sidra having a two sets of parents!! He’s a really lucky boy!
    Many greetings!

  • I love the idea of a family portrait with two sets of parents! I was raised in two separate homes due to divorced parents, and I think it’s wonderful when parents can stay friends for their kids.