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I’m 39 years old today!

Some people has said that I look a little bit younger than my actual age. In fact, the reaction people made when I told them my age made me felt like I’ve just confessed a big lie. Of course I didn’t lie, I just didn’t see any opportunity nor reason to talk about my age. But yeah, I was born in 1971 and the eighties happened in my teenage years. My first perfume was Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson, I bought it in a supermarket near my high school in 1989.

When I was a teenager, I used to think that 39 is soooo old. It turned out that when you’re 39, you don’t feel much different than when you’re 29 or even 19. I still don’t get a lot of things and have so many things to learn everyday. Where is that wisdom and maturity? Deep inside, I still have no idea how the world works. Sometimes I feel like I’m still a confused twelye years old. The worse thing is, you might still feel the same, but your body is not the same anymore.

Most people will get to 39 one day. Everybody, everything, will get old. Sometimes it is hard to accept. When fine lines started to show around my eyes five years ago, I used to worry about them.  But worrying over fine lines won’t make them disappear, and maybe would make them even more pronounced. So I’ve grown to like them. Now I can say that my face has more character! I also got my first white hair this year. It’s a single strand on the front part of my head. Sidra doesn’t like it and pretends that he doesn’t see it. He’s still in denial, I guess.

Of course the white hair is just a beginning. More of them will come. There is already more back pain and physical limitation now. There are more lines around my eyes and on my face. My body has started sagging and the texture of my skin is changing. But I hope that they will be well accepted in my life. Well, I should work on the back pain issue because pain is not nice, but at least I’ve tried to prepare myself.

I’m getting old, or older than before, it doesn’t matter. But the past few years has been one of the happiest time in my life. The two love of my life are on either side of me, they tell me that they love me everyday and I tell them the same everyday. I wish to grow old(er) with them and be together as long as possible. The  sad thing about life is that there is no forever. Even if you’re lucky, like, really, really lucky, you can never have more than a hundred years to be together.

Until then, I’m hoping to age gracefully like the people in this lovely blog. Maybe in ten years I will be eligible to be featured there!



Happy 39th!
Happy 39th! - from Sidra


  • Stay tuned for my birthday giveaway post later today!
  • This morning I found out that my autumn dress is one of top 50 finalists of the BERNINA ‘Party Through the Decades’ International Competition at Burdastyle! Please check them out HERE and submit your vote to your favorite finalists!

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