Rainbow scarf for a friend

Edgar scarf

The Noro yarn was actually belong to my husband. But when I saw it, I suddenly remember a friend that I haven’t seen for quite some time. It must be a sign, so I stole one skein of the yarn and knitted this little scarf for her. Since she’s living in a tropical country, I think a short scarf will be more suitable because it’ll be more of an accessory than a warmer.

Knitting the scarf was a real joy. It only needs one skein of yarn, the pattern is easy -it was finished in one day and blocked the next day-, and the result is just fabulous! The self-striping yarn really brings out the shape and details. Of course, there are still some imperfections here and there as I’m still learning, but I hope they don’t really show. I think the colorful scarf looks pretty good worn with dark-colored clothes like modelled by Sidra here.
In a day or two, this scarf will meet its new owner. It’ll be a surprise and I hope she’ll like it!
Scarf pattern is Edgar by Silke Hupka , found from Ravelry.

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