Coco cat top

Coco cat top Coco cat top

I found this knit fabric with wonderful cat print and had been trying to find the perfect sewing pattern for it. It must be a simple one because I want to be able to wear it daily. Then Tilly came with her  Coco pattern, just right for this fabric!

I cut size 2, the top version with long sleeves. The only alteration I made was shortening the bodice about 3 cm. True to the description, Coco is really simple to sew. The instructions are great and Tilly also has a complete step by step pictures in her blog. I made mine on my serger, and used sewing machine to finish the neckline and hem.

Coco cat top Coco cat top

I stabilized an interfacing strip around the neckline, finished the raw edge with overlocker, folded it and topstitched using wide stretch stitch on my sewing machine. I really like the result, the neckline is not stretched at all and there is no gape.

Coco cat top Coco cat top

Coco cat top Coco cat top

Sewing Indie Month

This month is also Sewing Indie Month! It’s an online party with 21 independent sewing pattern designers, including Tilly and the Buttons. Check out Mari Miller of Seamster Patterns’ post to see all the participating designers, posting calendars, and prizes!

Pattern is Coco by Tilly and the Buttons, size 2.

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  • Cute! i like it more worn outside, that barely there flare is genius.

  • There’s something hypnotic about those cats. Lovely top.

  • There’s something hypnotic about those cat. Lovely top.

  • oops. Thought my other comment was lost. Here, have a third comment. Yay, cats!

  • I love the Coco and those cats are mesmerizing. Perfect marriage of pattern and fabric!

  • Love it! It’s such a great pattern, isn’t it? And those cats are mesmerizing.

    • It is indeed a great pattern! I love how versatile it is, Tilly is brilliant! 🙂

  • Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh I love it!!!

    • Thank you for creating such a great pattern Tilly! 🙂

  • Wonderful Top! The cat print is just fabulous! Love it 🙂

    • I couldn’t resist buying the fabric when I saw them in the store! They are fab 🙂

  • Amy

    I wouldn’t resist this print, either! Kitty or doggy prints are my weakness.. I love the shape of this neckline–it looks like a great basic pattern you can really play around with.

    • I love the neckline too! I need to make another in stripes like the one Tilly has! 🙂

  • That fabric is fantastic! Cute cat Coco 🙂

  • This looks great. Super fit. I’m not a cat person (sorry!) but I love the fabric too. The combination of fabric, pattern and fit is superb.

    • I’m actually more of a dog person than a cat person but I rarely find dog fabric! Where’s all the puppies fabric? 😀

  • Jayne

    So cute! Do you have a recommendation to find knit adult apparel fabric?

    • I usually buy them in fabric stores in my city, Tokyo. There are lots of them so I rarely buy online.
      You might want to check out Heather’s post here for her favorite resource for knit fabric 🙂

  • Houseofpinheiro

    Perfect. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Kitties fabric are perfect! 😀

  • This is so, so cute! I love all the little kitties!

    • I love that it looks like some abstract pattern from afar and in closer inspection there are kitties!

  • Nice top and that fabric is really cute.

  • Very cute! I just realized that there are navy blue cats in the background of the fabric. Very cool! The top looks great on you and the zig-zagging looks good.

    • Initially I was a bit worried that the zigzag looks homemade but I was just too lazy to reset my overlocker to coverstitch setting 😛 Glad that it turned out alright

  • I love your material – yep, Tilly’s pattern is just right!

    • It is such a versatile pattern! I plan to make a dress with more stable knit later 🙂