Orange Issy knit top and Elle pants

Issy top and Elle pants Issy top and Elle pants

Kate dress / picture from Style Arc website
Issy knit top / picture from Style Arc website

Since a number of satisfying projects with Style Arc patterns, I have ordered a few more from them. This is Issy knit top, which is the freebie for every purchase in February. The top has asymmetric neck drape and angled ruching across the front.

The fabric is bamboo jersey from Mood Fabrics who actually is more suitable for spring or even summer. It was part of supplies kindly sent by Kollabora a few months ago. This fabric is sooo wonderful, it is smooth, soft, and comfortable against my skin. My initial plan was to make a dress with it, but when the fabric came I felt that it is just too orange to be worn as a dress. I stashed it for a while waiting for the right idea when the season changed and as a result, it had to wait a few more months until Issy top pattern arrived just in time for spring!

Issy top and Elle pants Issy top and Elle pants

Short sleeves and asymmetrical hem
Short sleeves and asymmetrical hem

My pattern alteration is shortening the bodice, 2 cm on the back and 2.5 cm on the front (because the front piece is gathered). This top is actually quite simple and can be finished quickly especially using overlocker.

I started by making the short sleeves option, but then I feel that it is better with either no sleeves or long sleeves. So I unpicked the sleeves and finished the armholes with binding.

For some reason, asymmetrical thing kinda bothered me so I cut the hem straight instead. Asymmetrical neck drape is okay as it will just hang there around my neck, but I imagine I will keep pulling the hem if it was kept asymmetrical.

Elle pants Elle pants

Eller pants / picture from Style Arc website

The pants pattern is Elle pant, also by Style Arc. These are pull-on pants with slim legs. Though the waistband is elasticated, there is no bulk when the pants are being worn since the waistband is just a bit bigger than the waist measurement.

My fabric is black stretch bengaline that I got from Style Arc when I joined the professional pattern club. According to the care label that was included in the package, the fabric is 72% viscose, 24% nylon, 4% spandex. Elle pants is one of the recommended pattern to be used for this fabric. I quite love the fabric! It can look quite formal but still comfortable due to the stretch.

This is another quick project with only three pattern pieces! I cut size 6, shortened the hip about 1 cm, made swayback adjustment to the back 1 cm, and shortened the legs 5 cm. It was done completely on overlocker and hemmed using the coersticth function.

I’m not too sure about the finished result though. In the pictures, you can see that there are lots of lines especially across the back legs. Maybe the butt area is too tight? On the other hand, these are very comfortable pants so I suppose I can wear them with long tops like this Issy top. In the meantime I guess I should learn more about pants fitting. Anyway, I’m glad to have two more additions to my everyday wardrobe!

Top pattern is Issy knit top by Style Arc, size 6. Fabric is bamboo jersey from Mood Fabrics, sent by Kollabora.
Pants pattern is Elle pant by Style Arc, size 6. Fabric is black stretch bengaline.

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  • What a great color of fabrics that is. just awesome.

  • I just started my issy today and was glad to find your blog! Brilliant, gorgeous colour! I’m inspired 🙂

  • I love orange color That is nice & perfect.

  • Jenn (Geolgrad)

    Im in love with this top! the colour, the style, the fit, its amazing. Totally inspired now – just shame work getting in the way hehe.

  • I love this outfit and you look fantastic in it. Thanks also for mentioning the Style Arc club, I hadn’t heard about it before. I’m wondering whether I should join as I’m thinking of buying the Ziggy jacket pattern, which is $25 – half the value right there! If you had any more information or thoughts on the club I’d love to hear them. Thanks, Megan

    • If you plan to make a lot of Style Arc patterns, I think it is definitely worth it. They gave you free pattern and a gift (mine was the black stretch bengaline) when you joined. They also have free pattern each month for every purchase. I heard that there are also members only sale and other gifts during the year but I’ve only joined for a month so I will see to it 🙂

      • Thank you for that – I’ve joined! I’m looking forward to lots more sewing!!

  • These look great! I’ve made the Elle pants a couple of times and I’ve a few lines back there too, but I don’t care. They’re so comfortable, and perfect work pants for me too. My next version will be a ponte pair, as a dressing leggings alternative….

  • That orange top is great! I love that bright color. I am ready for spring. Glad to see you are sewing more for your everyday wardrobe as you had wanted. And, of coarse, for Fuwawa too! Although, where is your pink bolero?! The black pants look great on you. I don’t see any lines on the back.

  • SO adorable! The pants look fantastic and the orange top is so fun (I love orange and the fit of the pants looks great to my eyes)!
    This is major inspiration to me as I have never tried sewing pants. If I keep om sewing one day I will get close to your skills 🙂

  • I see what you mean about the pants, but only a sewist would notice. Wear them anyway! Because of you, I just bought the pattern off of stylearc last night!

    • That’s so exciting! Looking forward to see your experience with the pattern!

      • I made my muslin of these pants tonight but they do not look good…I have a LOT of fitting issues in these pants! It’s too bad because they look so cute on you!

  • ohhhh, I love this top! I’ve been looking for a pattern like this for awhile. I’ve never worked with Style Arc patterns, but you may have just convinced me to try it!

  • Great outfit! I love the bright colour of your top, both you and the doggy look so cool!

  • Carrie

    I just have to say that you should wear that color orange more often – you look phenomenal!!

  • I love this top!!!

  • Hoosiermama

    Can’t imagine the butt could be too tight on your tiny booty! I think maybe there’s too much length, in spite of the changes you made. I suspect if you pull the waistband up the wrinkles under the butt would disappear and if you pull the ankles down, all the rest of the wrinkles would disappear.
    However, don’t let the wrinkles stop you from wearing those pants. Nobody will notice and they look great.

    • Lol I guess you might be right! I’m a petite so it could be the length problem.

  • I love the bright orange on you! And I definitely agree with your modifications to the top – the asymmetric hem would bug me too. The whole outfit looks very comfy without being slouchy – a win win!! I also don’t know too much about pants fitting, but I think the pants look fine!

    • Thank you Sallie! I was a bit worried about the color as it is exactly like the color commonly used for safety vest and signs here in Japan. That was why I didn’t want to make a dress with it. Glad that I look okay in it!

  • I just had to say, that orange is fabulous on you. (And your dog! ;))

  • These are both so fun! I love the orange on you! I don’t know much about pants fitting, but they look good to me!

  • both these pieces are great! i love the orange on you. on the pants, i suspect you need to scoop out the back crotch seam. as in, your body sits lower than the pattern is drafted. i have this pant pattern on my radar, it looks so dressy and comfy!

    • That looks like something that I should do! I will try comparing the crotch to my other pants to see that. Thank you!

    • beth

      I made the same pants and ended up with the same wrinkles. Scooping out the back crotch seam helped tremendously. I also suspect that I need to add a bit length to the back crotch seam. They are very comfy and were my first Style Arc Pattern. I am planning to make more and try more Style Arc patterns in the future.

  • I think is a very nice outfit … love the top …and actually I think I prefer it in with the symmetrical hem. .. it’s less “pretentious” 🙂

    • I understand what you mean! 😀

  • Stefani Sarah

    Yay for stylish everyday ensemble. I would reach for these items any given days. I just wish to see the sleeved and asymmetrically hemmed version get worn before altered. It looks great on the hanger.

    • Anne made the long sleeved version with original hem.

  • Love the ensemble, the orange is a fabulous spring colour, brightened up my day just looking at it, as we have had miserable weather in the UK but strangely enough it looks like it’s going go be nice today.

    Sassy Sewing Bees

  • Regardless of the lines, I love the trousers! I think I’ll give them a go 🙂