Jamie jeans

Jamie jeans Jamie jeans
I noticed Named patterns for the first time when I read Cathy’s post in Treadling in Benin. And when I checked them out, I immediately loved the patterns. Named patterns is a new indie pattern company from Finland, they offer PDF patterns with clean lines, simple looks and interesting details.

For my first taste, I ordered Jamie jeans pattern. From the description: “Skinny jeans with regular waist and front seams. Nice and unusual front pockets. The thin pocket panel can be made of back side of denim or any other contrasting material. Choose an elastic denim.” Each pattern only includes two sizes, which I think very reasonable since most people who would buy the pattern will only make for themselves.

Jamie jeans

Let’s start with these two things that I don’t like:

  • The PDF pattern is made for printed on A4 size paper, and the pieces are overlapped! It means you have to print, tape, and then trace. When I buy a PDF pattern, I would expect printing and taping, but not tracing them as well! Since I was too lazy, I only traced the three big pieces: front, side front, and back. The small pieces are fortunately not overlapped so I can just cut them.
  • The instructions are all text, which I do not love since I’m a pretty visual person. I ended up skipping all the instructions altogether so I really couldn’t say whether they are good or not.

The pattern itself is very well-drafted and I didn’t have any trouble making them even without reading the instructions. It is designed for an average height of 172 cm/5ft 8”, too bad I’m not of average height so I had to shorten them a lot. I shortened 2 cm on the hip line, 5 cm on the knee line, and 5 cm on the hem. These are the only alterations that I made for size 34.

This jeans are actually a muslin since I only want to test the pattern but it fits me quite fine. I used some mysterious stretch fabric that I found in a small store near my home. You do have to use stretch fabric for this pattern though since it is really fitted. I think it would be great if the pattern can include the percentage of stretch that the fabric needs.
Jamie jeans Jamie jeans Jamie jeans Jamie jeans

I’m really tempted to try their other patterns, like this Dakota shawl dress, Laurie striped tee, or Andy coat, but I’m not so sure about those two things that I don’t like above. Meanwhile, check out Named board on Pinterest to see what people have been making from their patterns. Maybe I can overcome my dislikes after all!

Jamie jeans Jamie jeans

Pattern isΒ Jamie jeans (PDF) size 34.

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  • Thank you for this, I had not noticed that company at all! The patterns look really interesting, but the sizing is a bit of a turn off. I’m nowhere near 172 cm and I need to shorten “normal” sized patterns every time. Then again they do offer my horizontal size, and that’s quite rare.

    As a Finn I’d say that minimalistic instructions and overlapping pattern pieces are a standard around here. I mean, I feel really pampered when I use patterns from US based companies and they’ve added the seam allowance and everything. (But I have to admit, every now and then I get really annoyed by a pattern talking to me like I’m a child sewing her first barbie dress.)

  • whoa. I’ve never been that fussed on trying to sew jeans but I went out and got fabric and this pattern when I saw these. LOVE THEM!

  • Those skinnies look awesome on you! Love the contrasting stitching along front seams!

  • These look so great on you! I love them! But I’ve never made jeans before, so I’m pretty sure I don’t want to try without any illustrations. :/

  • Amy

    These are so awesome! They look so groovy on you, and I dig the booties, too πŸ˜‰ I love their styles and was just thinking of a pair of their trousers. Thanks for letting us know about printing and tracing. And the height–5’8″. That would mean some major hacking for me, too! I’m sure they will refine their user experience as they go on.

  • amazing job, as usual ;DDD

  • I’ve always love all your sewing products! ever since i’ve come across your (then) blog. very detailed and kemas jahitannya. me myself sew, just not as much as you, well very classic machine kepunyaanku. Thus I opt to come here and read your every new entry, everytime indeed!

    Keep up the good work Novita! Ganbatte neh!

  • I’m so happy that you’ve sewn up this pattern – just downloaded it and was wondering what people thought about the pattern/company/instructions etc.

    Yours look amazing on you by the way! The top your wearing in the photo has a gorgeous print, too. And your puppy photobomb is hilarious.

    Just wondering: how stretchy is your fabric? Would 98% cotton, 2% spandex work?

    • Thank you! I used Scout woven tee pattern for the top, the fabric is double gauze cotton, very comfortable πŸ™‚
      I’m not so sure about the fabric content actually, I think it is better if you contact Named patterns. I do hope they will include more info on the fabric requirement in the future!

  • I am thrilled to see that you have tried these as they are my favourite pattern in the collection. I’ve been considering buying this for about a week and they look so fab on you that I think I will take the plunge! Well done making them without instructions, they look amazing.

  • I too am in love with these patterns and have bought a couple but I also thought the same things. I would expect to pay that kind of money for a hardcopy of a pattern, not for a stick together AND trace pattern. That’s what burdastyle is for, right? But the biggest thing for me was the no pictures in the instructions thing, that was quite dissappointing. Still I’ve made the lane slip and blair batwing and like you just ignored the instructions but I want to make these jeans too and would definitely like some diagrams! Yours look lovely by the way, looking forward to the final version.

    • I love those two patterns too, in fact I like almost all their sewing patterns. Too bad about the instructions though, I hope they will add pictures. Looking forward to see your lane slip and Blair batwing!

  • The jeans look great!! It’s so funny that this new pattern company just exploded on the internet all of a sudden!! But I love learning about new patterns so this is great! I really love the design and styling of these patterns, but I think I’d be reticent to buy as well due to those two negatives… I LOATHE tracing patterns!! Haha! But… I do really love some of these patterns… Anyway! Thanks for sharing!!

  • For a muslin, these jeans are AWESOME! I never gave a second thought to these jeans, but now that I’ve seen them on a real person (not a model in a lookbook), I really really like them.
    I heard from someone else that the pieces are overlapped. I’m not sure why they’ve chosen this method, since it is PDF. I could understand if they sold printed patterns this way to save paper, but I think the consumer should have the choice.

    I’m not crazy about the two size offering either because I happen to be between two sizes that are not offered together, which is ok for a top or a pair of pants, but turns me off of getting a dress or coat pattern from them.

    Sorry about my little rant. I actually wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award. http://zoelivana.wordpress.com/2013/09/02/terribly-sweet-blogger/ πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for the sweet award!!

  • Yay! I love all of their patterns, but I haven’t seen many reviews yet. I love the look of these jeans–I’m so glad you tried them out. They look GREAT, especially for a muslin!

  • wow, these look great! i’m curious to try one of their patterns, as it happens i always trace my pdf patterns so only needing to tape a few sheets together is a bonus for me!

  • Wow…these jeans fit you so well! All of the cover photos for Named patterns look great, but you aren’t the first person I have heard with these complaints. Maybe they will make a few changes!

  • Jana

    I love those jeans! Thanks for your review of the pattern (which I had also looked at after reading Cathy’s post), and, particularly, for the detail shots! I really like the pattern, but don’t think I have the patience and/or skill yet to assemble jeans without any diagrams or photos. I’m still enough of a beginner that I don’t feel confident without a lot of hand-holding.
    Still, I have saved the pattern to my bookmarks. Maybe some day I will be confident enough!

    • I think you can use instructions from other jeans pattern, the only thing that’s a bit different is the front pockets. I do hope they will add pictures to the instructions in the future!

  • Those jeans look fab on you and thanks for the frank review!

  • your jeans look so good on you! also thanks for the heads up about the named board – i think thats just what I need to motivate myself to trace. they really do have lovely patterns, i just have to get over those the tracing/text only points. to each their own in the end. funwawa also fits in perfectly with the photoshoot πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Cathy! I would love to see hat you’re gonna make with Named patterns! Fuwawa was confused why I was walking back and forth, she just wanted me to sit in the living room with her πŸ˜›

  • I think this muslin jeans are very flattering on you. A nice fitted pair of jeans is a staple of every girl’s wardrobe! Last week I finished the Aydan dress but I also purchased the Jamie jeans pattern. I totally agree with you about two points which you dislike about Named patterns. I will still make the Jamie jeans because it’s been a long time since I could not find a good looking pattern for jeans, but same as you I am hesitant to get more patterns from Named. Actually, I emailed Named about my impressions from their pattern and they were very kind to give me a quick and constructive answer. So if you have not done so, I’d encourage you to do it.

    • I love your Lady in Tokyo Aydan dress! I should check out those photo booths πŸ˜›
      It’s a good idea to contact Named to give one feedback, I will do that! πŸ™‚

  • They look fab. I don’t think I would mind the tracing afterwards as Sunny said on Fashionable Stitch she printed 75 pages for a jacket, only 12 for the “Named” blouse http://goo.gl/RBVxe6. Am only a beginner and a lazy sewer so I do things in stages lol. I always cringe when my printer is printing of reams of pages, all that ink and paper. The only thing that puts me off is no illustrations but my sewing tutor could always assist. I suppose it is different if you want to whip something up. Some people will love it some won’t. https://www.facebook.com/SassySewingBees

    • I agree that some people would love that they don’t have to print so many pages. I guess I just really dislike tracing πŸ˜›
      Actually I love the fact that I only had to trace the big pieces and then cut the small ones. That way I don’t feel like I waste too much paper πŸ™‚

      • Jennifer

        Couldn’t you get around it by printing more copies of the pages? E.g. if page two has portions of two pattern, then print that page twice. It would mean more matching and taping, and the finished pattern would have the extra lines. But if what you want is the pattern contour ready to cut with no training, wouldn’t it work? It probably would use as much paper as the alternative.

        Either way I see your point and they may as well offer at least the option of both layouts.

        Gorgeous pants, I was already contemplating this pattern and your make is more inspiration.

  • God, I really love that pattern, but their sizing is so small! I don’t think I could handle printing, taping, tracing, and then grading up like four sizes!

    • I just looked at this company for the first time yesterday and contemplated trying the tee-shirt. This morning, there are three different posts about them from different bloggers that I read regularly.