Jamie jeans

Jamie jeans Jamie jeans
I noticed Named patterns for the first time when I read Cathy’s post in Treadling in Benin. And when I checked them out, I immediately loved the patterns. Named patterns is a new indie pattern company from Finland, they offer PDF patterns with clean lines, simple looks and interesting details.

For my first taste, I ordered Jamie jeans pattern. From the description: “Skinny jeans with regular waist and front seams. Nice and unusual front pockets. The thin pocket panel can be made of back side of denim or any other contrasting material. Choose an elastic denim.” Each pattern only includes two sizes, which I think very reasonable since most people who would buy the pattern will only make for themselves.

Jamie jeans

Let’s start with these two things that I don’t like:

  • The PDF pattern is made for printed on A4 size paper, and the pieces are overlapped! It means you have to print, tape, and then trace. When I buy a PDF pattern, I would expect printing and taping, but not tracing them as well! Since I was too lazy, I only traced the three big pieces: front, side front, and back. The small pieces are fortunately not overlapped so I can just cut them.
  • The instructions are all text, which I do not love since I’m a pretty visual person. I ended up skipping all the instructions altogether so I really couldn’t say whether they are good or not.

The pattern itself is very well-drafted and I didn’t have any trouble making them even without reading the instructions. It is designed for an average height of 172 cm/5ft 8”, too bad I’m not of average height so I had to shorten them a lot. I shortened 2 cm on the hip line, 5 cm on the knee line, and 5 cm on the hem. These are the only alterations that I made for size 34.

This jeans are actually a muslin since I only want to test the pattern but it fits me quite fine. I used some mysterious stretch fabric that I found in a small store near my home. You do have to use stretch fabric for this pattern though since it is really fitted. I think it would be great if the pattern can include the percentage of stretch that the fabric needs.
Jamie jeans Jamie jeans Jamie jeans Jamie jeans

I’m really tempted to try their other patterns, like this Dakota shawl dress, Laurie striped tee, or Andy coat, but I’m not so sure about those two things that I don’t like above. Meanwhile, check out Named board on Pinterest to see what people have been making from their patterns. Maybe I can overcome my dislikes after all!

Jamie jeans Jamie jeans

Pattern is Jamie jeans (PDF) size 34.

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