Small Fry Skinny Jeans – Perfect Pattern Parcel #4

Small Fry Skinny jeans Small Fry Skinny jeans

Sidra is always in need of new clothes as he keeps growing. But it is not easy finding clothes for boys, and finding good boys’ sewing patterns is even more difficult. So I was quite excited when I heard the theme for the Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 , which is boys’ essential fall wardrobe. Just what I need!

Here is the patterns from The Perfect Pattern Parcel #4! The parcel is now on sale for limited time from August 22 September 5. patternpacel4 Like the previous parcels, parcel #4 features five patterns by indie designers. The patterns are:

Bonus pattern: Knight Hoodie

You can choose how much you want to pay for these parcel, and if you choose $26 or greater, you get to unlock this Bonus Pattern: Knight Hoodie by Charming Doodle!

As before, part of the pattern parcel sale will go to Donor’s Choose, an organization that matches up the needs of teachers and their students for specific projects with willing donors.

I was offered to participate in the blog tour and given all the patterns in the parcel. The first thing I did was showing them all to Sidra and let him choose. I was actually intrigued about the Knight Hoodie pattern, it looks like fun! But Sidra said that it’s for little boys who want to play pretend. He said that he wanted clothes for big boys in solid dark colors, no funny prints, no bright colors, no cute details. Hey, where’s the fun?? Small Fry Skinny jeans Small Fry Skinny jeans Small Fry Skinny jeans
Finally we agreed upon the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. It is a great basic jeans pattern with limitless options. You can make them with shorts length and full length, flat-felled seams, topstitched waistband, full or half zipper, and patch or inset front pockets with coin pocket. The waist is elasticated with adjustable buttons on the facing inside, a very thoughtful detail for children’s pants.

All the options and details are explained thoroughly with lots of photos and step by step instructions. I think this is also a great pattern for beginners who want to try a bigger project.

The pattern calls for woven fabric with a little stretch but I have this dark corduroy in my stash that I wanted to use. Sidra is a bit small for an eleven years old so I use size 9 for this pattern.

As requested, I made the most basic five pockets pants with contrast double topstitching and full zipper fly – no cute details whatsoever, not even the tag and button! The finished result looks just like a pair of ordinary pants, but Sidra loves them so much that he wanted to wear them to school rightaway! He said he wants more pants like this pair. I think I can call this project a success!
Small Fry Skinny jeans Small Fry Skinny jeans

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Pattern is Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads – part of Perfect Pattern Parcel #4, size 9.

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  • I am always amazed of how skilled your are! Great pants!

  • These look so great! They’re really beautifully sewn!

  • Laura

    These look fantastic! I’m so happy you liked the pattern and that your son likes his jeans. Maybe you can persuade him that he’d like a knight hoodie in a month or two. Elizabeth is working on a men’s version so he could match your husband 🙂

  • He looks great in them. And wow. that’s some impeccable stitching, lady!

  • Ralitza

    Lovely jeans! I am a little obsessed with sewing jeans lately – two completed, one pair cut and two planned. Seen yours makes me feel sorry I have to wait to make the cut ones. Your boy is so lucky you make his clothes. It is great for both of you!

  • Becky

    These look fabulous! Make me a pair?! LOL What a lucky boy.

  • Emily Laclau

    I love this – also the backpack! where is it from? I’ve been on the hunt for one just like it. Thanks!

    • The backpack is called ランドセル (randoseru). It is commonly used by Japanese elementary school students. The backpack is bought when the student enters first grade and used until the student graduates elementary school. We can found them easily here but I don’t know where to buy them outside Japan. But if you use them here people will look at you because only elementary school students use them 🙂

  • Sue

    Lovely! Here’s another company that sells great boys’ patterns (don’t know if the instructions also come in English):

    • They look wonderful! Thank you for the information! I just wish that they have some for older boys. The biggest size is 9 years, my son can still wear them but next year he won’t be able…

  • You did an amazing job with them. I can’t tell them from the ones the big manufacturers make and sell in stores for fifty dollars a pair. I see more of these in his future. Great pattern too.

    • Thank you so much! It’s a great basic pattern 🙂

  • Suzy

    These look great! Just like bought pants, but with nicer details. Lucky boy.

    • Aww thank you! He said he likes the pants because they are shaped like his legs. I think he meant skinny pants 😛